You can now buddy up, get married, and enjoy a new world event all in the latest TERA update. Lots of other things have happened, including glyph updates for classes, chests being pulled from dungeons, and more. The highlight of the patch though is the Dreamstorm:

The Dreamstorm is a level 65 world event that takes place in Northern Arun. Archdevans and their demokron forces are attempting to destroy reality-stabilizing Oneiric Generators deployed by the barakas of Highwatch, and only the best of the best can thwart their evil schemes.

Basically, generator events will spawn across the world and you'll need to rush to defend them, assuming you're level 65. There is now a wedding chapel in Bower, and you can buy wedding related items. You can also invite a friend to play, if you're level 40 and they're below level 9. You instantly reach friendship level 3 and gain a ton of rewards in the system, which is super helpful to get your friends to play.

The rest of the patch notes detail class changes, chests being removed from the dungeons, and some other assorted details. TERA is a free-to-play game that you can easily download off of Steam, and I consider it to be rather fun.

For patch notes, click here. To learn about the BuddyUp system, click here, and finally learn about Dreamstorms here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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