En Masse Entertainment has updated its preview page for the upcoming Argon Queen update with new skills for TERA’s Warrior and Lancer classes. The two tanking classes will each get some new skills and the Resolve resource with the Argon Queen update.

Warriors will be treated to a trio of new skills:

  • Cross Parry: Raise both swords to block an enemy’s attacks. Works only in defensive stance, and lasts as long as the skill is engaged. Drains Resolve while active.
  • Smoke Flanker: Summons a creature made of smoke at your location, then moves you behind your enemy as the smoke flanker takes over your aggro.
  • Reaping Slash: A spinning attack that deals extra damage when your Edge stack is more than three.

Lancers will only be receiving two new skills according to the update, but they’re both going to be pretty useful.

  • Wallop: You jump forward and slam your shield against the ground, knocking down nearby enemies. Works even better after a Charging Lunge, Shield Barrage, Debilitate, Shield Counter, or Spring Attack.
  • Backstep: Leap backward to get away from an enemy...perhaps in preparation for a charge!

Additionally, the new skills will consume the new Resolve resource, which will become the resource for your defensive skills and help free up your MP for more offensive attacks.

You can read more about the update as it’s revealed on the Argon Queen preview page. TERA's Argon Queen update is expected to release later this month.

Source: TERA’s New Tanking Skills

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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