The Secret World has always been a favorite MMO project of mine. While it might not be my most played game, it is one that I’ve not-so-secretly enjoyed the snot out of for a variety of different reasons. The setting – for starters – is still unrivaled in the industry, and Funcom should be applauded for taking gamers to places they’ve really never seen before in a major MMO. I would also argue that TSW is one of the relatively few more modern MMOs to actually give a damn about proper storytelling, let along keeping the RPG roots of the genre somewhat intact.

For all the green checks in my personal plus column for TSW, there have always been some red X’s in the mix for things that simply haven’t grabbed me, or have kept me from spending more time in the game overall.

This is where the Enhanced Player Experience comes into play.

Enhanced Player Experience Details

According to a recent mailer and news post on the official TSW website, the Enhanced Player Experience “introduces a host of improvements all across the board.” Some of the bigger pieces to this particular TSW puzzle include:

  • Snappier Combat – In a nutshell, time to kill has been reduced for regular opponents in the Adventure Zones. This change is said to be most apparent early on in-game, and allows players to dig deeper into the various puzzles and story without having to spend so much time dealing with trash mobs.
  • Enhanced Tutorial – You’ll now get to choose 2 starter weapons right away at your Secret Society headquarters (this used to make you pick just one prior to exiting the area). They’ve also added in some additional details to help players learn things like how Builders and Consumers work, while the starter Decks help you see the advantages of various Passives from the weapons.
  • Improved Rewards – As you might have guessed, this means that players will receive better rewards with more blue weapons and talismans in the mix when finishing story chapters or zones. Regular missions will also give new talismans that increase damage output and health since these are considered core needs for progressing deeper into the game.

These all sound pretty good for new players, but wait! There’s more!

Many abilities have been rebalanced, with special focus given to Elites. From my experience, many elites were in desperate need of some tweaking, so this is very welcome news. Apparently AoE abilities have been too attractive for general usage vs. single mobs, so they have also been altered so that they do less damage, but also hit one more enemy as a balancing tradeoff.

The official news post goes on to outline plenty more improvements, tweaks, and additions, so be sure to scamper swiftly through the shadows to the official website for The Secret World for the full details.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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