This week we've had a few smaller tidbits of news trickle in – a paragraph about this game or that – that really haven't had enough content for me to babble on about for several hundred words. I mean, I could just make stuff up, but I'm sure the developers working on these games would prefer I wouldn't do that. Instead, we're going to talk about them right here. This week we have small updates from Velvet Sundown, Albion Online, Habitat, Chaos Heroes Online, The Witcher 3, and Black Gold Online.

Velvet Sundown

On Monday, Tribe Studios announced that since its launch, over 80,000 people have given what they are calling a “DramaGame” a try. Velvet Sundown is a non-persistent world where players can play as one of several pre-made characters and act out a scene. These characters are all present at the same yacht party, each with their own motives during the party. It's sort of like a quick game of Clue, where you have a mystery to figure out, and like Clue, every game can be vastly different. Velvet Sundown is a non-massively multiplayer game that consists of you and six other people working with or against each other to solve the mystery while trying to accomplish your own goals. Also announced is a new mode for the game: murder mystery. Since the setting is the perfect place for a murder mystery, Tribe is giving fans a very requested mode to play out.

Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive also announced on Monday that their game, Albion Online, will have its next alpha beginning September 15, which will last for 14 days with the possibility of an extension, depending on how feedback goes. Anyone interested in joining the test can buy into the alpha by purchasing either the “Epic” or “Legendary” level Founders Packs. The “Veteran” one does not offer alpha. Albion Online is available for damn near every platform you can think of, except maybe the Commodore 64. Players can choose from Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, or Android for their method of exploring a medieval world ripe with PvP. In this test, players will have access to mounts, which have made their way into the game. I'm sure there will be more to come, as more news comes out during the upcoming test.


If you're attending PAX Prime and are a fan of space junk, be sure to check out Habitat's demo that Versus Evil be showcasing this year. Habitat is part exploration, part scavenging, and part building. For PAX Prime, they'll be showing off how Habitat and the Steam Workshop coexist, primarily so players can “add their own space junk,” a technical term ripped straight out of their press release. There's also the huge astronaut sim aspect of Habitat, where you get to float around in a zero gravity setting and do cool things like chop up debris with freakin' lasers. You just can't go wrong with lasers. Habitat is currently available as an early access client through Steam, Amazon, Humble and others, for Mac, PC, and Linux.

Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes is a Korean-made MOBA by Aeria Games. Earlier today, they released a new video going over the core features of the game, such as map mobility and using consumables. Check it out below:

The Witcher 3

Also attending PAX Prime over the next few days is CD Projekt RED, who will be demoing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt during the con. From their press release:

From August 29th to September 1st, the studio will host a series of live, developer-hosted gameplay sessions, during which players will have the chance to witness The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in its full glory. Additionally, expo attendees will have have a unique opportunity to participate in several on-site giveaways. Witcher fans who won’t be able to make it to Seattle can participate in contests on Wild Hunt’s social media channels here and here.

Black Gold Online

Snail Games accounced Tuesday that its latest property, Black Gold Online, will be receiving a new content patch on September 10. “Campaign of Ashes” will feature cross-server PvP, an increase to the max level, a new map called Ashen Copse added to the world and the “Skill Surge” system. Ashen Copse will have more quests, high-level PvP, and new world bosses. The UI has been reworked and the client has been further optimized. Not much else has been stated in their press release or its corresponding news post. If the UI has been reworked, I'll be giving BGO another shot, since it was the major reason I found myself not wanting to play the game. Hopefully it is more of an asset to players and less of an Angelfire experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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