Titanfall Season Pass Announced

With the release of <em>Titanfall</em> only a week away, it comes as no surprise to see <em>Titanfall</em> comes with a season pass.

Costing $24.99 and granting access to the three upcoming DLC content packs, you'll save yourself $5 if you snap these up early. Frustratingly, why are we even talking about DLC before the product has launched? Perhaps it's just me but considering we're already paying $79.99 for the PC pack over on Origin, it's slightly outrageous to already add bolt-ons. The marketing blurb goes on to state:

Get the Titanfall Season Pass and extend the fight on the Frontier with three new content packs. The Season Pass expands Titanfall by delivering all three planned content packs as soon as they become available at a one-time price of $24.99, a savings of $5.

Expanding on this, EA have stated:

"Each content pack will contain new Maps. All other content is still to be determined and will be announced as we get closer to their release."

Well that sounds rather bollocks, doesn't it? It's basically saying "We're selling you something for $24,99 but we're not sure yet what it contains". Thanks EA.

Anyway, if you've got more money than sense you can

head here for the official sales page.

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