Yesterday Defiance received a new update to improve itemization for weapons and make them more appealing to players. Previously weapons had a fairly generic feel with only very minor improvements even for the higher tiered rare versions. The new update made some sweeping improvements to make all new weapon rolls a bit more beneficial.

Following the update’s deployment, Defiance Creative Lead Trick Dempsey penned a new update to the community to discuss just how much the new update has changed, and why weapons are now a bit more appealing.

We have five levels of weapon rarity in Defiance. For each level of rarity (from common to legendary) a weapon gets a rarity bonus roll appropriate to that rarity level.  This ends up making really sexy guns, like this legendary BMG. Because it’s the most uncommon (and therefore the most coveted) level of rarity, it gets a bonus roll for each category of rarity. This Rainbow of DeathTM ((patent-pending)(not-really)) describes is what makes this weapon different from another in its class and that orange stat is what will always make it better than one from the weapon rarity tier below it.

Source: Defiance Community Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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