Defiance players will be getting a little boost from Trion this week to make up for some of the rough issues that have plagued players across all three platforms since its launch last week. While several of the issues have been improved or resolved, Trion is offering an apology to players by way of an in-game assortment of gifts. Players should soon see five items from Trion applied to their accounts with the new Daredevil title, and one-week boosters for weapon skills, Script, loot, and XP.

Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson announced the news in another update today and thanked players for their continued patience. Richardsson also posted one other bit about the gift, so don’t go postal if it’s not on your account right away.

“Although gift has been applied it might take time to properly activate on your account because of caching.”

Source: Defiance Booster Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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