Trion Worlds has posted an updated pre-order FAQ for Defiance following a number of questions from the community. The updated FAQ addresses the value of certain included content while still not answering certain specifics relating to DLC for obvious reasons. Luckily Trion was able to provide a clearer answer to pre-order cosmetics, Lockboxes, exclusive pre-order weapons, and more.

The FAQ also announced that the console beta for Defiance is planned for sometime after the conclussion of the second beta event this weekend. Read then updated FAQ for all the latest pre-order details.

Q: Any word on beta for consoles?

A: Yes, there is a beta planned for both Xbox 360 and PS3! Our second event is on February 8th and is PC only. We will announce timing of the console beta after we complete the 2nd Beta event.

Defiance is scheduled to launch on April 2nd followed by the airing of its television show counterpart on April 15th on the Syfy channel.

Source: Defiance Pre-Order FAQ

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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