Turbine has posted a new update and brought their game forums back online following last week’s security issue.

Forums for The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are available once again tonight following Turbine’s discovery of a security issue last week with The Lord of the Rings Online’s web application, but forums for Asheron’s Call remain offline as of the writing of this story. While the update doesn’t offer a lot of new details it does state that if Turbine feels that an account has been impacted by the recent issue, they will contact the player directly and that the issue appears to be "limited in scope."

Recently, we were made aware of an issue with the security of our LOTRO community web applications. We take all potential issues seriously and we took the forums offline while we investigated and resolved the issue. The forums are now open for normal use.

Please note that we will continue to perform maintenance on our community websites over the coming days and some features may be unavailable from time to time. Game services are not impacted and will continue to operate on a normal schedule.

Even though this issue appears to be limited in scope, if we believe that your account has been impacted we will contact you directly. As an additional precaution we recommend that all players change their passwords by visiting https://myaccount.turbine.com. Please remember to use unique, hard-to guess passwords that are not associated with other online services or sites, and always look for and report unusual activity in your account to Turbine customer support.

Thank you for your patience.

Turbine has yet to confirm or rule out the possibility of a data breach but the update post indicates that at the very least some accounts could have possibly been compromised in some way. As a precaution, Turbine is again urging players to change their passwords as a precaution. In the meantime, Turbine has posted a new forum thread for players to discuss the recent forum issues in and it’s quickly filling up with concerned players looking for some confirmation on whether personal details have been compromised or not.

Source: The Lord of the Rings Online Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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