Whether you loved or hated the ending of Mass Effect 3, the series has been a marvel of storytelling and crafted a narrative that has gotten fans emotionally invested in all three of the games. But as we reported yesterday, not everyone is happy with how the story supposedly ended. Luckily, there may yet be hope for those that were unhappy with the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 in a rather cryptic couple of Twitter posts from the Mass Effect Twitter page.

While no solid details were revealed in the posts, it’s probably safe to assume, as many of us have, that BioWare is not quite finished with Mass Effect 3.

This was followed by another teasing tweet.

While we have no clear idea short of what BioWare may or may not be up to, it does appear from their cryptic innuendo that they are up to something, so maybe the outrage will be calmed soon enough, especially when you include this little post from BioWare Producer Michael Gamble.

There are a lot of good theories circulating about the ending, in one part Indoctrination is involved, so the framework for more to be added is certainly there. Stay tuned and we'll update you with any solid details once available.


Mass Effect Twitter Post 1

Mass Effect Twitter Post 2

Michael Gamble Twitter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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