While we haven't heard directly from Blizzard what their plans are at BlizzCon, we all expect some big reveals for their biggest games. The Czech Heroes of the Storm page made an announcement that at this year's BlizzCon, two new heroes and four new maps will be revealed for Heroes of the Storm. Here is the post translated by Facebook (the translation isn't great, but does get the main point across):

Good morning, dear fans. Heroes of the storm has less than a half a year in sharp version and more than a year and a half of functionality, including version of the test. During this time a game has transferred by leaps and bounds, and although many players complaining about some working services, it is important to note that blizzard on development works constantly and with the new divisions gets more support even e-sport.

In the game itself is "write history" countless times. Game met dozens of changes and few today wouldn't be surprised when how she looked game at the beginning of last year. History but will write again, and it's already in a few days. Because we are approaching Blizzcon 2015.

We would love for you on this occasion was invited to the planned live feed, which will take place next weekend, and under which, hopefully, we'll introduce two new maps, at least four new heroes, and many other improvements that you, the players, will be I sure like it.

We look forward to you
For Heroesfan team

BlizzCon isn't far off, but there's definitely still time for speculation! Any thoughts on what new Heroes will be introduced, or the setting for new battlegrounds?

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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