Do you ever wonder how life might be in a best-case scenario following an apocalypse? Some of the team over at Undead Labs recently got a taste of life without the creature comforts when they attended the Burning Man event in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The week-long event draws people from all over that set up their own make-shift city once a year, living without the confines of an established city infrastructure, little policing and where the usual currencies have little value.

In all technical sense, the event establishes its own society, making for an interesting study on how people behave when taken outside of their usual society confines. A new blog at the Undead Labs website details the trip, experiences and lessons learned by the team during the event that highlight some of the good and bad aspects of human nature, struggling with the elements of nature  and what life is like without some of the everyday comforts  that many take for granted like running water and outdoor plumbing.

I did draw some interesting, practical lessons about desert survival from the trip, but there was something else more inspirational: Amidst all of the rows of tents and shacks and RVs and big, organized camps, amongst all of the people eager to trade or share their own unique talents and goods, I saw the echoes of something we’ve talked about here at the Lab. Not the immediate, destructive moment of the apocalypse. Not the intensely chaotic period that would follow. The aftermath. The attempt to come together and be a society again.

The artistic event also provided the team some insight into life following the attempted development of a new society that they hope to incorporate into the upcoming Class3 and Class4 games.  All that’s left now is to add zombies to the mix.

Source: Undead Labs website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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