There’s bad news brewing for Funcom faithful. As part of an effort to reduce operation, Funcom will be undergoing a round of layoffs. While the number of layoffs are unconfirmed at this time, some rumors put the numbers as high as 50%-60% of its global work force. Again, those are just unconfirmed rumors and by no means official numbers, so take them with a grain of salt.

On a brighter note, or as bright as you can get when it comes to layoffs, Massively managed to get a statement from Funcom indicating that the layoffs will only be a temporary measure.

"Funcom is in the process of reducing operational costs and this process includes temporary layoffs as well as other initiatives."

As always, our best wishes go out to those affected by the layoffs. With any luck, it will only be a short one.

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Update: Funcom has posted an official response to their website detailing their plans a bit more and confirming that roughly half of their global work force will be affected. The full announcement is available below.

Funcom reduces operational costs following ‘The Secret World’ launch

As mentioned in the stock notice of 10 August 2012, Funcom has initiated a process to reduce operational costs following the launch of its most recent massively multiplayer online game 'The Secret World'. The process includes several initiatives such as layoffs and temporary layoffs of some employees in Montreal, Durham, Oslo and Beijing.

Some of these initiatives are part of normal procedure following the launch of a major project, such as adjustments to the customer service staffing based on the number of customers in the game as well as adjustments to the production team as the project goes into a post-launch phase following years of intense development. Many of those affected on the customer service team are on temporary contracts which is common for a live service such as 'The Secret World' where customer service demand shifts based on the game's population levels.

Around half of the company's personnel have been affected, with some departments being more affected than others. To make sure Funcom is in the best possible position to realize its plans for both existing games as well as future projects, the company is focusing on retaining as many as possible on the production teams.

For more information about Funcom and its portfolio of games, please visit

Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, 22 August 2012


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