Success is taking on a new meaning.

Warhammer Online sales and subscriptions have been discussed and debated in many places, including our very own Loading... The numbers 250,000-300,000 were bandied about, but our own Boomjack may have been closer to the current reality. Mythic Entertainment's Mark Jacobs reports that 500,000 players are proving that WAR is in fact everywhere.

Mythic has also banned 1,500 accounts while handling over 100,000 customer service appeals just dealing with gold spamming. Kudos to the CSRs and Mythic for taking the bull by the horns. As a player I feel empowered when I get the awesome public message that one of the gold spammers I reported has just been eliminated. If you ever feel like your voice is not heard and just let the gold spammers fill up your chat box, I highly recommend you use the CSR Appeal function - I did, and it worked.

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[Update: Mythic now posts on their Warhammer Herald how many accounts have been banned for spamming gold sales. The current number is at 4,051, keep it up WAAAGH!]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016