Warhammer Online has had its ups and downs, but Mythic Entertainment shows no signs of slowing down in their continual quest to improve the game. Path of Conquest, the most recent live patch to the game, revamps the new player experience, introduces the Apprenticeship System, alters the realm of RvR, and more. If you've been on the fence about checking Warhammer Online out, whether for your first time or as a returning player, this may be the patch you've been waiting for.

Our most recent content patch introduces some very exciting changes to open RvR that will make it more rewarding than ever before, including the removal of Fortresses from the campaign and a new Keep difficulty system. Game Update 1.3.2 also brings with it the New User Journey and the Apprenticeship system, both of which make jumping into WAR easier than ever, for new players and veterans alike. As always, we have career balance changes and fixes, and performance improvements for you, too!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016