Anyone interested in gaming soundtracks can stream the soundtrack for Archlord 2 for free. Webzen is taking this a step further, and is asking for community input for naming these songs. If you have one particular song that you have a name for, or if you want to go track by track and giving them all names, Webzen wants your input. Have a listen to the soundtrack, and if what you hear inspires you with names, head on over to their forums to let them know what your ideas are!

Archlord 2 is Webzen's MMORPG that has grind elements and features a “brutal” PvP experience, which is currently in beta. Archlord 2 is going the way of a classless system, but it still has the holy trinity. The archetype you fulfill is based off of what weapon you are wielding, that will allow for different skillsets, which also varies by race. Currently, there is not a whole lot of information for the game available, which is stil in flux and under construction, but humans and orcs both have different abilities depending on their weapons.

I really appreciate soundtracks when I'm within the game, but I'm not one to select my Kickstarter reward tier by whether or not I'll have access to a soundtrack. Physical maps are more my thing, here. Soundtracks can add a whole new layer of depth to a game, make those creepy areas creepier, those pretty areas more breathtaking and the like. Even though I am not one to sit around and listen to a game's soundtrack outside of the game, I certainly do appreciate them. Hearing the EverQuest theme, even if it's the original 8-bit one, will still fill me with hope and chills fifteen years later.

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy soundtracks? Does a hideous mask take over your face as you figure out how to mash your sound mute button when you're in game as fast as possible? Did you enjoy naming any of the tracks for Archlord 2?

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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