The notes for today's patch went up yesterday, but now the community has had a chance to experience them and give feedback. Let's dive into the notes and see what they have to say.


  • Items

    • Several PvP Imbuement items requiring kills now grant proximity assist credit, and objective counts have been reduced.


  • Engineer

    • Code Red

    • Now transfers threat accordingly.

  • Esper

    • Pyrokinetic Flame

    • No longer states a target cap in the tooltip.

So far, the only feedback on the class changes is that Espers are confused as to what the change to Pyrokinetic Flame is exactly and what that means for them.


  • "Deeds Once Done" (world story weekly quest) is now offered and turned in in-person on the Caretaker in the Enigma Chamber/Secret Ops.

  • The Defile

    • The cooldown for the "Siege of the Lightspire" event has been lowered from 60 minutes to 15 minutes so more players can jump into the event.

    • The respawn rate of the Grimworm Exoganglia in "Siege of the Lightspire" has been reduced.


  • Datascape

    • Elemental Pairs

      • Visceralus and Pyrobane

        • Essence of Life Health reduced by 10%.

        • The acceleration of the Primal Entanglements has been slowed.

The nerf to Fire/Life comes with mixed results, but it seems that the popular opinion is that this is a good change overall. Some of the feedback is claiming that this change is two months too late and that the event should not have remained overtuned for so long.


  • Practice Arena and Practice Battlegrounds Queue System

    • We have increased the rate of Gear Score queue band growth, and also increased the maximum Gear Score Band from 37 to 1000.

    • These changes were made to increase overall queue speed and allow all players to eventually get matched.

People are pretty stoked on this one, hoping this means that queues will pop more often now. While Fire/Life certainly had a lot of mixed replies in regards to those changes, the PvP ones from the notes are probably what the community has commented on the most, with overwhelmingly positive responses.


  • War of the Wilds

    • The Samu-Samu Chieftan will now complete casting his Dark Energy spell on players who run beyond his initial cast range.


  • The Festival plugs no longer incorrectly use the garden permission settings instead of the harvest permissions.

  • Fixed an issues that was causing the world crash when casting heal spells on plants that were spawned in the housing garden plugs.

  • Players can no longer set a Neighbor to Account level via the /neighborpermission command.

  • Fixed an issue with repairing gardens, and seeds planted in Fertile Ground will now always produce plants.


  • Tradeskills

    • Tailor

      • Tailor patterns that drop during Adventures are no longer Bind-on-Pickup.

    • Weaponsmith

      • The Assault/Support Power of Archivos weapons is now affected by the primary stat chip types during the crafting process.

The Weaponsmith changes are also making the community excited, as they're now looking forward to both create and buy CW-5 weapons. This is important, because now DPS weapons will have Assault Power as intended, instead of all of these weapons defaulting to Spell Power, regardless of how they were crafted.

User Interface

  • Vendors will now display the total repair cost in the repair panel.

  • Fixed ICComm not working with channel broadcasts.

  • Fixed issue where an item can be sold on the marketplace but not to a vendor which was causing a LUA error.

The change to ICComm is also well received. Since this is a reply in .gif form, I can only go so far with community opinion here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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