WildStar's free-to-play beta has begun stability testing, as announced on Twitter. The PTR forums on the official forums have been set to read-only to encourage users to post in the stability forums instead. In this beta run, they're apparantly testing the cash shop and other drop 6 includes. This test is open to all current subscribers, access of which is available via the PTR client available on the official site. You can download the PTR client here.

As far as I can explore, the free trials aren't operational as of right now. This is a stability test only with only some of the new content (like the shop in), which is designed to test the servers before the closed beta begins. Since they're wanting to test servers we can assume there is going to be a big influx of beta invites, so that's something to get excited about.

If you have an active WildStar account then hop on over to the PTR and give it a shot. I believe if you wanna copy a character over, type /ptrcopy and have a go at it!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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