WildStar knows, like many MMOs in the past, that you shouldn't open too many servers. Actually, for MMOs in this modern time, the more servers you have the worse it is, as worlds grow bigger and content becomes top heavy in the sense that players who have played for awhile will all congregate in the high level areas, while new players will be alone. As a temporary measure, they opened up extra servers, with the full intent to merge them back after the launch rush. To help make it easy, names were shared across servers, so all that should happen today is you login and now you're with literally everyone else.

Jabbit & Entity have merged back together today. Leaving Jabbit, Entity, Luminal, and Warhound as the only servers available for play. You shouldn't notice anything odd or different about your experience today. The only thing is you might need to do this little fix to get your UI working right:

A: If you have characters on a “-2” realm, your UI settings will still be in their old folder with the wrong server name after the transfer. You can choose to either set your UI up again, or copy your old ones into the new folder. You can view your Addon and settings folders by opening a Run dialog (Windows + R) typing in “%appdata%\NCSOFT\WildStar” and pressing enter.

You can read details on the measure over on the official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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