Building a strong community is essential to the success of any MMOG and Carbine Studios is working hard to build a rapport with its community. This week WildStar Wednesday took a backseat to WildStar Thursday and Producer Troy "Aether" Hewitt took some time to talk about what the team is doing to solidify its relationship with the WildStar community.

Truth be told, this is one of my favorite times in game development. In the past, I've been a community manager, engaging with fans from that vantage point. You learn a few valuable lessons in the trenches, largely by making (and unmaking) mistakes. But my experience and passion for community has really served me well in my new role as a Producer here at Carbine Studios. I get to take all that I've learned about community building, and infuse our social systems with that knowledge. As a Producer, I get to shout things, like "The community team needs to be involved in the creation of social systems!", or "Our fans are the most important part of this discussion! Let's talk to them about live events before we lock down our plans!”

Another form of communication that Carbine Studios regularly uses to communicate with fans is through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, where they regularly engage the community in discussion.

With the crew bound for France this week to attend the Paris Games Week, Hewitt left the community with a little good news. Plans to share more details about WildStar’s characters and their personalities are in the works for release.

If you’re attending Paris Games Week, be sure to drop by the WildStar booth and pay the devs a visit. Otherwise you can check out this week’s blog for more.

Source: WildStar Thursday Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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