A host of new updates are coming to WildStar, many of which exist on the PTR as of right now. Ranging from simple character creation revamps to a sell junk button, there is a lot going on in WildStar to get you excited to come back and play.

While the free-to-play WildStar: Reloaded update on September 29 is jam-packed with significant changes to the game—in fact, it's the biggest update for the game yet—we also put a real focus on improving and streamlining a lot of the content and systems. Many of these take the form of quality of life improvements—small but meaningful changes that just make it easier to enjoy the game.

The sell junk button is really useful because inventory space will be at a premium in the update. Rapid transit is useful, but requires service tokens which is both good and bad. Automatic mouselook I think changes the perception of the game a bit because it moves it from a sorta-action MMO into something more along the lines of TERA, just with a much larger margin of error for hitboxes. A group finder I think existed for PvP, but not PvE, but that's in there now (called content finder). Nav Points is sort of like the questhelper mod from WoW along with that other one that let you set navpoints and showed an arrow. That's helpful for new players. Finally, there is a new character creation thing that's actually really snazzy.

All in all these updates I think will make life easier, but also be an avenue to introduce some of the pay for features (ala SWTOR), which is fine - it's going free-to-play. I actually need to login and double check how bags are going to be working, because that's one of the make or break it points for me. SWTOR free-to-play characters are really painful because of the limited bag space and the absolute desire to horde everything for no good reason.

WildStar F2P launches September 29th. You can read more about the developer blog here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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