Little things often play a big part in not making an MMOG bore you to tears, and this fact is not lost on the WildStar dev team at Carbine Studios. This week Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney discussed some of the little things that will help improve the gameplay experience for WildStar players while removing tedium and frustration. Some of the things touched on include moving faster while traveling on roads, building your own taxi points and temporary mount vendors, quest completion via comm calls and more.

Heck, if you're passionate about speeding up your travel pace even further, you can choose to take action - among the many things Settlers can build are additions and improvements to the transportation network across Nexus. This means adding new taxi points for areas that would otherwise be remote, building vendors that sell temporary mounts for low level characters, or installing run speed improvement machines at outposts found in the wild.

Find out more about the quality of life improvements in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Jeremy Gaffney on Quality of Life Features

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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