The World of Warcraft Mosaic is Complete!

Thanks to the combined effort of Warcraft players from around the world, we have reached twenty thousand submissions, and the final World of Warcraft BattleCry Mosaic has been revealed. You can now check out the complete mosaic, which can only be described by one word: epic.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures to help us create a little piece of Warcraft history, and thank you to all our players around the world for your continued support. Lok'tar!

Certainly took a while, but hopefully it was worth it. You can see the full picture in detail using Blizzard's Mosaic Viewer as well as new original wallpapers, and of course the mosaic wallpaper.

Five Year Anniversary interview with Tom Chilton, A.K.A. Kalgan:

World of Warcraft game director Tom Chilton takes a look back at the origins of World of Warcraft, and gives us some insights into the development process that took WoW from a concept to a phenom to an MMO nearing the end of its second expansion and still going strong.

It was early 2004, around February. The core look and feel and the quest-oriented gameplay were already there, but I think the level cap was 15. Most of the zones in the game had been created by then, but there was no content in the majority of them above level 15 -- they were basically empty.

Kalgan goes over some of WoW's great successes as well as things he might have done differently, and some nostalgia about the good old days. His interview is definitely worth the read.

Anniversary Interviews with Forum MVPs:

This interview, part of WoW's
five year anniversary page, takes a walk down memory lane with Palehoof - a World of Warcraft Forum MVP. He talks about his experiences as a player that's been playing since the beginning, how the game has changed, and his experiences as a forum MVP.

I’ll admit I like the recognition. It’s like being the mascot for a well known sports team. People don’t really know who you are, but they know you.

Take a look at this interview as well as the other new content available at the anniversary page. It's very nostalgic for long-time WoW players, and insightful for newer players who always hear about 'the good old days.'

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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018