What is it about zombies that keep us enthralled? You would think that a lumbering pile of decaying flesh with the goal of chopping on your innards would repel most normal people.

But no, we as gamers just can't say no to a zombie invasion and GamersFirst is giving that to us again. No matter how many times it happens, it just never seems to get old.

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What's not to like about flesh eating undead that roam the earth looking for a little brain food?

If you play War Rock, Knight Online, 9Dragons or Sword 2, you might notice a few new guests when you next log on. In the true spirit of Halloween, the zombies are coming. While the zombie invasion is underway, players can redeem codes and earn special in-game items. There will be an assortment of events depending on which game you play ranging from zombie killing modes to full scale wars. So make your way to the GamersFirst website, now being called ZombiesFirst, and help fight the zombie invasion. Just try not to get your brains slurped out in the process.

“We are doing the best we can to remedy this strange situation," says Joe Rush, Director of Game Operations for GamersFirst. “It’s not out of character for our staff to play War Rock for several hours at a time, but to do it without blinking (and foaming at the mouth) leaves me feeling a little uneasy. Some of the staff has been in good spirits and are trying to pull through this ordeal, but we have had to separate ourselves from some of our more aggressive infected coworkers, to keep the games alive.”

Check out the official press release for more event details and your codes to redeem for in-game prizes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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