MapleStory: Weapons and More Described in Dev Article

MMOGamers In Training?
MMOGamers In Training?

Few games in the young adult age group are as popular as MapleStory. With several million registered users, MapleStory leverages plenty of weight in the MMOG community and many of the younger users cut their teeth playing through this vibrant, fun-filled game. Recently one of the developers behind MapleStory, Dean Cho, penned an "insider's article" on some of the gameplay functions in MapleStory for those of us who may be unfamiliar with the game. The Ten Ton Hammer staff is proud to present the article and hopes your find it enlightening.

While it's possible to get almost everything you need from shops or random monster drops, the clever Mapler knows that many items can be 'made' for far less money and effort thanks to MapleStory's deep item synthesis system. Almost every town in the game will have an item manufacturer who can produce powerful weapons and pieces of armour, providing you have the right component parts. Likewise, you'll find helpful NPCs who can refine mineral, jewel and crystal ores into valuable gems or building materials. Put simply, the more parts you have, the more items you can make.

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