WoW's Patch 5.0.4 Release Notes Now Available

Final pre-Mists of Pandaria content patch delivers a handful of big changes.

World of Warcraft's final pre-Mists of Pandaria content patch has gone live, introducing a new World Event (Attack on Theramore Isle) and a host of fairly significant changes to existing systems. Some noteworthy examples:

  • the majority of earnable Achievements, pets and mounts will be made account-wide instead of per-character.
  • area-effect looting, which has been around for a while in other games, makes its debut.
  • the slot for relics, ranged and thrown weapons has been removed. Ranged weapons have had their damage output increased and their minimum range removed to compensate.
  • a new talent tree system
  • all characters now take 40% less damage from other players

A number of players have been experiencing difficulties downloading the patch and difficulties logging into the game after patching due to server congestion. Reception to the patch has been mixed.


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