Lee Hammock on Fallen Earth

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Combat robots? Sign. Me. Up.

Fallen Earth Lead Designer Lee Hammock shares a bunch of info about the game with Stratics Central in this recent interview.

Being introduced to Icarus Studios’ newest game “Fallen Earth”, I half-heartedly expected to see the same rehashed "oh-my-gosh-the-world-is-ending” MMORPG game. I mean, honestly how many times can we save the planet and do it in new and interesting ways?

As I sat down with Lee Hammock, Fallen EarthÂ’s lead game designer, I surveyed the landscape in front of me: the remains of what was once a zoo filled with families and alive with laughter. It now sat in ruin, the reptile house full of cobwebs. I asked him what made Fallen Earth different.

“Imagine building combat robots..” said Hammock.

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