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Easy to Learn; Hard to Master
Easy to Learn; Hard to Master

Compared to most MMOGs, Mabinogi is very different. With a level-based skill system and hundreds of different activities to pursue, Mabinogi is certainly a game that draw a lot of attention. After initially running into the game at GDC 2008, the Ten Ton Hammer team has been following the game closely. Finally, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye has written his complete review of the game. Enjoy!

For the most part, Mabinogi falls into the phrase "easy to learn, yet hard to master." Rather than focus on one particular aspect of gameplay, the developers at Nexon opted to create a game that was incredibly broad and covered a wide variety of play styles within its cute confines. Everything that a player could want – trading, crafting, combat, collecting, and user generated content – is possible in Mabinogi. There's so much to find in the game that if a person doesn't care to try out a portion of their character, they simply don't have to do it.

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