MMOReport Interview with Jason Stone's Casey Schreiner's Casey Schreiner recently had the chance to sit down with Jason "Athelan"Stone for a post launch interview for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures. In the interview Jason Stone talks about the road to launch and what Age of Conan has to offer that separates it from the sea of growing MMORPGs on the market. The interview also covered something I think everyone will be interested in. A little mechanic slated for post launch called the Griefer Prison. This will involve griefers paying the cost for camping lowbies by incurring a bounty on their head and if captured they will have to bribe said bounty hunter or be sent to prison where they will stay until they serve their hard time in the form of some tedious questing. Take that griefer. Mwhaha!

On another side note Schreiner also pointed out that Age of Conan has had one of the most, if not the most successful launch of any MMORPG ever with well over 700,000 preorders sold.

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