Nexon America: An Exclusive ION Interview with Director Min Kim

What's Happening at Nexon?
What's Happening at Nexon?

At the ION Games Conference, it's easy to rub shoulders with the big-wigs in the MMOG industry. However, few are as easy to talk to or as honest as Nexon America's Min Kim, the current director of game operations for the phenomenally profitable company. At the show,Cody "Micajah" Bye had an opportunity for a quick chat with Min about the plans for Nexon America over the next year.

When I asked how Combat Arms will fare against the games that have already gone to market in North America, he was very confident about the future of the title. "It's going to kick ass," Kim stated. "It was made later than those previous games, so it's going to look and play better. With online FPS games, you really want good graphics ,but you can't push the envelope too much. While this will definitely be above everyone else, it won't push machines too hard.

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