Ten Ton Hammer Exclusives: The Week in Review

By Reuben Waters -
Another fine week in April zips past, and the Ten Ton Tinkerers Union is at it again! Our highly skilled team of gadgeteers has ratcheted together a fine collection of exclusive MMO content that’s sure to send shivers down your cybernetic spine! So strap on your rocket boots, grab your +2 Goggles of the Luminescent Voon and get ready to experience the best MMO guides and features the ‘net has to offer!

Exclusive Content: Editorials, interviews and more!

Comics: Geeked - "Shiver His Timbers"
Geeked - "Raise the Sails"
Geeked - "Another Day At Work"
Dev Diary: Ether Saga Dev Diary #4 - Reputation and Crafting
Features: Pioneer Spirit
Fallen Earth: Surviving an MMO Apocalypse
WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull for 4.13.09
From the Page to Your PC
Should DC Universe Online Have Levels?
WAR Update 1.2 - Mythic Keeps on Patching
Champions Online PvP - Keep on Fighting Till the End
Interviews: Atlantica Online State of the Game Interview
Images: Exclusive Free Realms TGC Art
Reviews: Joana's World of Warcraft Leveling Guide Review

This Week’s Hot Feature:

The Rigors of Beta Testing: The Past, Present and Future - Since the earliest days of MMO gaming, beta testing has played a pivotal role in the success or failure of our persistent worlds. We've come a long way since the initial tests of Ultima Online and The Realm, but what role do our current beta tests play in the potential outcomes of unreleased titles? To answer this question, Ten Ton Hammer turned to current and former beta decision makers at Cryptic Studios, NetDevil, Sony Online Entertainment, Funcom, and Mythic Entertainment. Some of their answers - and the information they reveal - will surprise and shock you.

On top of that selection, we also asked our Ten Ton Hammer premium members for their thoughts on beta testing as well! As the first of our Ten Ton Hammer Premium Articles, we've allowed our premium members to take the first crack at reading this content, but everyone will be granted access this coming Monday (April 20, 2009).

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Exclusive Guides: The latest and greatest MMO guides on the ‘net!

EVE: Constructing a Space-Holding Alliance
LotRO: Your Guide to Playing Sauron's Minion - The Defiler
Mabinogi: Guide to Mabinogi's Giants
TCoS: The Chronicles of Spellborn Guide to Warrior Disciplines
WoW: Getting Ready to Raid, Warrior Style
Northrend Reputation Guide for the Priest
PvP Basics for Hunters
PvP Basics for Death Knights
PvP Basics for Paladins
PvP Basics for Priests
PvP Basics for Mages
PvP Basics for Shamans
PvP Basics for Rogues
PvP Basics for Warriors

This Week’s Hot Guide:

WoW: The Ultimate Guide to Utgarde Keep - Ten Ton Hammer is pleased to bring you the Ultimate Guide to Utgarde Keep. This guide has it all; it's seventeen guides in one. We've got the lore, a map, an achievement guide, a loot guide to help you sort out which loot benefits whom, a complete bestiary, a detailed boss strategy guide, a walkthrough video, and even tailored class guides for all ten classes. You won't find a guide of this size and detail anywhere else. Everything you could possibly want to know about Utgarde Keep is within these pages.

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