City of Heroes: Beginner’s Guide to the Mission Architect Pt. 1

By Reuben Waters -
When NCsoft’s recently renamed Paragon Studios unleashed Issue 14 for City of Heroes earlier this month, the publisher clearly raised the bar for creative content additions. Within the first 24 hours, the player base had created more new content with the Mission Architect toolset than had been added to the game since launch. While it’s entirely common for an established player base to jump on new content faster than a sugar-addled kid on a hotel bed, in the case of the Mission Architect that new content is actually being created by the player base itself.

To help ease players into the impressively expansive toolset of Issue 14’s Mission Architect, we’ve put together a two part guide covering some of the basics, from finding the coolest new content to crafting a unique, entertaining mission for you and your fellow players to enjoy. Up first we’ll take a look at finding and playing stories in Mission Architect.

  • To read the Beginner’s Guide to the Mission Architect System Pt. 1 click here!
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