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Less Rabi is arguably the most difficult achievement pre-raiding.  It requires perfect group composition and extreme precision and organization.  The achievement requires you to venture i
Less Rabi is arguably the most difficult achievement pre-raiding.  It requires perfect group composition and extreme precision and organization.  The achievement requires you to venture into Gundrak, located in north eastern Zul’Drak.  Once there, the third boss in the instance is your man.  His name is Moorabi, High Prophet of Mam’Toth.  The achievement reads: “Defeat Moorabi in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty while preventing him from transforming into a mammoth at any point during the encounter.”  This guide will offer a list of abilities that are effective interrupts on Moorabi and a few different strategies on how to execute your interrupts to perfection.

The science behind the transformation cast-
The base cast time of Transformation is 4 seconds.  Moorabi has an ability called Mojo Frenzy which connects his spell haste directly to his health percentage.  Example:  If Moorabi has 100% health, his haste rating is 0% which makes transformation a 4 second cast.  At 75% health his haste rating is 25%, making Transformation a 3 second cast.  At 50% its 2 seconds, 25% its 1 second, and at 1% health Transformation is a .04 second cast (which in reality with lag is basically impossible to interrupt).  That is the difficult part of the fight.  When Moorabi’s health is above 50% his time between casts is 10 seconds, below 50% it’s 5 seconds.  I know most of you are thinking, “Well, what if he is between casts when he hits 50%?” The answer is that he will continue his 10 second interval until his next cast then begin his 5 second interval.

Interruption abilities-
Moorabi is immune to silences, stuns, and cast slowing abilities.  Here is a list of abilities that are top interrupt choices.
Hammer of JusticeHammer of Justice (60 second cooldown, 40 second with 2/2 Improved Hammer of Justice)- A melee range interrupt that locks out spells for 3 seconds.

Spell LockSpell Lock (Felhunter) (24 second cooldown)- Very difficult to time properly but is still a decent interrupt that lasts 6 seconds.

CounterspellCounterspell (24 second cooldown)- Is an 8 second interrupt.  This is by far the best interrupt ability any class has.

KickKick (10 second cooldown)- Is a simple interrupt that lasts 5 seconds.  Improved kick won’t help here because he is immune to silence.

Fan of KnivesFan of Knives (no cooldown)- Requires 2/2 points in Throwing Specialization to get a 100% chance to interrupt.  Bad thing here is that it takes 50 energy.  Good thing is that you can pop adrenaline rush and spam it under 10% health.

Shield BashShield Bash (12 second cooldown)- If your tank is a warrior this is a great interrupt.  It interrupts the target for 6 seconds, which gives an extra 1 second to DPS when Moorabi is below 50% health.

PummelMonkey PummelPummel- There are 2 different Pummels.  One is an ability that Fury Warriors have that interrupts the target for 4 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.  The other is an ability that gorillas have that locks out for 2 seconds with a 30 second cooldown.  If your hunter can properly time his pet’s Pummel this could be a viable option (works just like Spell Lock).

Earth ShockEarth/Wind Shock (6 second cooldown, 5 seconds with 5/5 Reverberation)- Are ranged instant cast interrupts.  With 5/5 Reverberation this could be the only interrupt your group needs (I will explain further on this later in the guide).

Mind FreezeMind Freeze (10 second cooldown)- Just like Pummel and Kick.  Just a simple Interrupt with a lock out that lasts less than 5 seconds.

MaimMaim (10 second cooldown)- Is an ability that Cat form Feral Druid possess.  Maim is a stun with a 3 second spell interrupt added on, even though the stun is completely pointless the interrupt is still instant cast.

[protip]Priests are the only class without a spell interrupt[/protip]

There are countless different strategies and group comps that can accomplish this achievement, but, there are few that make it easy.  In this strategy portion of the guide I am going to give a brief explanation of what would make an effective interrupt group.  Before I begin, keep in mind this is an extremely easy fight if you aren’t going for the achievement.  A healer and/or tank are NOT necessary to do this achievement.  Also, when your group uses interrupts that last longer than 5 seconds when Moorabi is under 50% health it is strongly suggested to use some sort of debuff countdown because you know Moorabi is going to attempt his next cast the very moment that interrupt falls off.  This will throw off your timing if you are using a stopwatch because instead of 5 seconds between casts it could be 6 or 8.

Strategy 1- Use a basic group with a healer, tank, and 3 DPS.  The only catch is that one of your DPS is an Elemental Shaman with 5/5 talent points in Reverberation.  The key here is that your Shaman must have his in-game stopwatch started the moment Moorabi begins to cast the first transformation, that way he/she should always be ready to interrupt at every 10 second interval until 50%, then every 5 second interval.  The big thing is that the Shaman’s cooldown is identical to Moorabi’s time between casts.  Therefore the Shaman should be spamming his/her Earth Shock the entire fight.  It is extremely important the shaman is the only one interrupting during this strategy.

Strategy 2- This strategy requires a nontraditional group comp.  4 DPS and a tank will do the trick here.  Specifically a Shadow Priest, Mage, and 2 additional DPS and a tank.  The key to this strategy is that the Mage uses Counterspell at the cast closest to 30%.  This gives the group 8 seconds to dig in and do as much damage as possible. 

It is possible to complete this achievement with as little as 2 interrupts (other than Earth Shock with 5/5 Reverberation), but I just don’t recommend them because they rely so much on luck.  If you do try another tactic I strongly advise you to not use a healer for the simple reason that the more DPS you have, the less casts Moorabi will attempt below 35%.  Those 2 strategies are the most fool proof ways to acquire Less Rabi.  Just be smart, keep your head on a swivel and you might just achieve the impossible.

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