Patch 5.4 brought with it a slew of changes and additions to professions and the items that can be created.

There are three main types of items that were added to the game that can crafted by players.  There are a few new materials to create, there are PVE items that can be crafted, and a new set of PVP items.  There are also many changes to existing items that can be crafted, the biggest being to enchantments, as explained below.

There are many additional changes, but these are the biggest and most important. Many of the others are slight changes and adjustments.

New Crafted Materials

There are several new crafting materials that will be able to be created in the game after Patch 5.4 is released.  These materials will need to be created to craft the new higher level PVE items that are also being added in Patch 5.4.  The new crafting materials are as follows:

  • Tailors: Celestial Cloth – Requires 10 bolts of windwool cloth.
  • Blacksmithing: Balanced Trillium Ingot – Requires 1 trillium bar.
  • Leatherworking: Hardened Magnificent Hide – Requires 2 magnificent hides.
  • Engineering: Jard's Peculiar Energy Source - Requires 10 ghost iron bars.

All of the above items can only be crafted once per day, severly limiting the amount you can get quickly.

If you have a stong desire to collect these new crafting items faster, so that you can create the new items (talked about below) more quickly, then be prepared to pay a lot. All of the items above (other than the engineering one) can also be created without a daily cooldown though an "Accelerated" version of the recipie. The accelerated version requires the same base ingredients, but also requires a Spirit of War, which comes from disenchanting epics from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. These will be extremely expensive and hard to come by for a while.

Crafted PVE Items

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring have all gained the ability to craft new high level PVE items.  They are item level 553 belts and pants.  Tailors have a DPS and a Healing set available, Leatherworkers have a melee and caster DPS set, as well as a tank and healer set, while Blacksmiths have a DPS, Healer, and Tanking set available to them. 

To craft these items you need to create the new crafted materials first. This will take time though as the belts take 20 of the new crafting materials and the pants take 30. This means that it will take at least 20 days to gain the new items.  Since the items required to create the new materials any quickler will be extremely difficult to come across any time soon, expect it to take close to the full 20 or 30 days before you can craft your on items.

As an additional slow down or gate mechanic to the crafting of the new items, all of the new crafted materails are bind on pickup, meaning you can not just head over to the auction house to buy additional materials. The items crafted are not bind on pickup, but instead bind on equip so they can be sold, but one crafter must personally create all of the materials to create the item themself, there is no way for guilds to work together to collect them faster, unless they disenchant Siege of Ogrimmar epics.

The patterns themselves become available randomly as you create the new materials each day. When you craft one of the new items you will be granted either an item level 553 PVE pattern or an item level 476 PVP pattern (discussed below).

Leatherworkers also can now find a pattern to create a new set of drums called the Drums of Rage. These drums trigger the heroism effect, making it easier to have heroism in every instance group. The pattern for these drums is a world drop.

PVP Items

For season 14 there is a whole new set of crafted PVP gear available to craft.  Each of the main crafting professions (Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing) are able to create appropriate item level 476 epic gear for each class and spec.  This means that each of the professions has a whole lot of new patterns to learn. 

The patterns themselves become available randomly as you create the new materials each day. When you craft one of the new items you will be granted either an item level 553 PVE pattern or an item level 476 PVP pattern. This means that initially at least you may have a market on the auction house for some of these items as not everyone will have the patterns.

Enchanting Changes

While there are a few new enchants most of the changes to the profession come in the way many enchants now work.  Many enchants can now be applied to items with either no minimum level requirement or a lower requirement than the enchant previously had.  The enchant will now scale up as you level up, making the enchants far more useful while leveling. 

However since you will be changing items while you level it is of minimum benefit unless you are enchanting heirloom items.  Even without heirlooms though, even getting a few extra levels use out of an item due to scaling of enchants is useful.

It is important to note that this is mainly for scaling down.  Meaning that if you apply a high level enchant that would normally grant 100 of a stat to a level 90 player to a low level piece it may only grant 10 of that stat.  However if you apply a low level enchant that only grants 10 of a stat to a level 90 players item, it will only still grant 10 of that stat.  No getting cheaper enchants the cheating way!

Enchanters can also now disenchant gear purchased for justice points and will gain Sha crystal fragments. three fragments can be combined into a Sha crystal giving enchanters a way to get rid of their old justice gear.

Other Changes

The scaling talked about above also applies to all of the other item enhancements in the game, such as those from engineers, leatherworking, tailoring, and vendors.  The enhancements can be applied to pretty much any level and will scale to the items level.

Cooking and Engineering also have some changes to some of the items, many to how they scale. Cooking gains several new recipies in the form of the mighty Pandaren Noodle Carts which grant even more stats than the old banquets and come with 5 charges so that you can put them out several times. The carts do function a little differently though in that players must buy the soup from them. Engineering gains several great vanity items including several new battle pets and a mount called the Sky Golem that allows you to herb while flying, meaning Druids are no longer the only ones that can do this.

Glyphs have seen a huge number of changes, so make sure you check all of your glyphs and ensure they are still doing what you expect. If they are not, it will be time to check out the new ones that were added. In addition there are a lot of new cosmetic glyphs that change up what your abilities or character look like.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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