Global Agenda Mission Types Interview with Exec. Producer Todd Harris

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With less than a month until launch, more and more details about Global Agenda's gameplay are starting to emerge. Ten Ton Hammer caught up with Exec. Producer Todd Harris to learn about the match formats and maps that will decide the victors in both the free-to-play "Mercenary" PvP and in "Conquest," the grand strategy, agency vs. agency side of the game.

From the article:

Todd also explained that things like map biases and success numbers are factored into matchmaking, which can even out many of the advantages and disadvantages found especially in the asymmetrical maps such as Breach and Payload. In the end, success in Global Agenda really comes down to player skill. "I would say it's much more about learning the map than make any blanket statement about game types that favor any particular class."

Read on in this in-depth mission types interview with Global Agenda's Todd Harris!

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