Pathfinder Online Blog Talks PvP and Settlement Conflicts

Goblinworks Designer Tork Shaw offers a new blog to discuss PvP in Pathfinder Online and a settlement’s ability to declare war.

Not all things can be resolved peacefully, and one of the most valuable tools that a settlement possesses in Pathfinder Online is the ability to declare war on another settlement and its inhabitants. While outright destroying another settlement can be extremely difficult, the option for war can provide players with the ability to attack contested outposts and its defenders without penalty. And that’s what this week’s dev blog is all about.

On a smaller scale, companies can do something similar by declaring feuds on other companies. Feuds target members of a specific company rather than a whole settlement and can be instigated using influence by the leadership. But companies can also declare feuds against a settlement if they intend to try and launch raids against outlying hexes. If all of that blood-shedding fun sounds appealing, be sure to check out the blog for more details.

On a positive note, Goblinworks confirmed that they’ve eased the art team restrictions and will be showcasing new images from Pathfinder Online in future blogs, so stay tuned.

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