Ever since the Early Enrollment program kicked off for Pathfinder Online quite literally at the start of 2015, Goblinworks has been hard at work on a series of major updates and improvements to the game. The 7th major update - flying under the banner of Early Enrollment v8 – packs in some major new includes and helps bring the game one step closer to its eventual full release.

For those of you just tuning in, Early Enrollment is very similar to the broader industry trend of Early Access in that gamers are being offered an opportunity to experience the game while it is still being developed, hopefully providing some essential feedback for the team at Goblinworks in the process. The entry level for Early Enrollment is currently set at $30 and bundles instant access, 1 month of game time, Goblin Squad Membership, and more. Additional packages are also available, so be sure to check out the full suite of options on the official Pathfinder Online website.

For the latest game update, a lengthy post on the official site goes into a fair amount of depth on many of the major includes. Extracting a fun-filled bulleted list of the major points might look something like this:

  • Company Feuds!
  • Holding and Outpost Improvements
  • Holding Upkeep - personally not a fan of in-game upkeep systems, but we’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out
  • Simulating Bulk Resource Transport
  • New Monster Type – Elementals!
  • New Player Experience – a very welcome new addition in this release

If any of the above points catch your interest, be sure to visit the official site for Pathfinder Online for a fairly comprehensive rundown for each, along with additional notes for the game’s latest release. In fact, you’ll surely want to do so, at least if you want to avoid ending up like this guy...

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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