Pathfinder Online Designer Delves Into the Topic of Spell Casting

Goblinworks Designer Stephen Cheney gives a quick rough draft of what spell casting in Pathfinder Online might involve.

Pathfinder Online Designer Stephen Cheney has penned a new developer blog this week all about the magical side of gameplay. The blog delves into the early design process (subject to change) of casting spells, managing your resources and utilizing Cantrips in Pathfinder Online, each playing their own role in the life of a spell caster.

While spells come in a limited number, players can “Refresh” their spells a limited number of times a day. The two major elements of spells that differ from your normal attacks and utility affects are Level, which is based on the traditional nine levels and components. Of course, you can also obtain metamagic keywords, long-term buffs that can be applied to Refresh abilities.

If you’re curious to learn more about the magical preparation, limits, and casting of spells in Pathfinder Online, check out the full blog for all the details. Just grab a snack first, it’s a lengthy one.

Source: Pathfinder Online Spell Blog

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