Pathfinder Online Dev Blog on Building Fort Inevitable

Pathfinder Online’s Rich Baker talks about the planning and process of bringing Fort Inevitable to life.

Pathfinder Online’s Rich Baker returns this week with a new developer blog to offer a peek behind the curtain of the concept and development process for the MMORPG. The new blog concepts the Crusader Road region known as Fort Inevitable, a town under the martial law rule of the Hellknights.

Players that have read Thornkeep book may be familiar with the area, but for everyone else Baker provides some insight into areas background and what’s required to bring the idea from concept to creation. Baker hits everything from the basic layout to the Hellknight’s governance to the people and places that populate the area.

Baker rounds out the blog with a few details about the progress of creating the Emerald Spire super dungeon. You can read the full lengthy blog on the Goblinworks website for all the details.

Source: Pathfinder Online Dev Blog

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