This week teams from across the Ten Ton Hammer will be converging on the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon 2014. We'll be providing up-to-date coverage for all your favorite Blizzard franchises right here on Ten Ton Hammer, so be sure to visit the following game pages for the latest and greatest updates from the event:

If you're a StarCraft II or Hearthstone enthusiast, you'll also want to be sure to follow along on where the team will be bringing home the SC2 tournament bacon and a whole lot more. If you're interested in joining the discussion for the biggest announcements coming out of the event, you'll also want to take a virtual stroll over to Elitist Jerks

As the event progresses, we'll also be updating this page with links to the most relevant articles, videos, and galleries throughout the weekend. The team will also be providing anecdotes and various tales of wonderment and delight directly from the show floor which you can also follow along in our ongoing daily and weekly columns. 

Heading to the event and interested in meeting up with your friendly neighborhood Ten Ton Hammer authors? Drop us a note on Twitter or Facebook to let us know! 

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