The Repopulation Outlines Instanced and Open-World Housing

By Stacy Jones -

The option to acquire your own piece of virtual real estate is an often requested feature for MMOGs. This week The Repopulation has revealed more about the three housing options that will be available to players. For those that want to enjoy life in the open world, plots will be available for purchase that others can come pay a visit to. Those that prefer a bit more privacy can opt for an instanced version in a neighborhood with the same faction, while player cities allow for a more elaborate building option through cooperation. Just don't get on the mayor's bad side.

Player city housing is a slightly different beast as far as plots are concerned. Player city plots must be provided by the owner of the city and then assigned to a player to use. You maintain control of the contents of your housing unit and apply any normal restrictions or rules as you would in non-nation housing. Ultimate control of the plot is retained by the Nation that owns the city. If the Mayor of the city wants you gone they simply release your control of the plot and then do whatever they want with it. You can then move your house to one of the instanced areas, world areas, or to another Nation city.

Check out the full update to learn more about housing in The Repopulation.

Source: The Repopulation Housing Update

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