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With numerous options available how do you choose which Glyph is best for your Shaman? How do you get the most out of my HPS/DPS through glyphing? I’m here to help you choose the best glyphs for all three PvE specilization.

In patch 3.0, the precursor to Wrath of the Lich King, Major and Minor glyphs were introduced to World of Warcraft via the Inscription profession.  What exactly is a glyph?  It’s an enhancement to existing spells and abilities.  Major glyphs affect overall performance in combat settings, usually increasing DPS or HPS output in various ways.  Minor glyphs are more of a convenience, removing the reagent cost of an ability, or one of many other effects. Ultimately each character is able to use up to 3 major and 3 minor glyphs.

The issue however, is the numerous glyphs out there.  How do you choose which is best for you?  How do I get the most out of my HPS/DPS through glyphing?  I’m here to discuss the best glyphs for each of the three Shaman specializations.

Enhancement Glyphs
Glyph of Storm Strike

Increases the Nature damage bonus from Stormstrike by 8%.  This glyph has great synergy with the Static Shock talent, Earth Shock and Lightning Bolt increasing overall DPS.

Glyph of Windfury Weapon

Increases the chance per swing for Windfury Weapon to trigger by 2%. Windfury now has a 22% base chance to proc on a swing.  It’s a minimal DPS upgrade but it’s still in the top 3 glyphs of choice. 

Glyph of Feral Spirit Spirit Wolves gain an additional 30% of the Shaman’s attack power.  It is currently the third choice for most Enhancement Shamans.  EnhSim is showing this to be better than any other option.
Glyph of Lightning Shield Increases the damage of Lightning Shield by 20%.  There’s some testing going on at the EJ forums that’s pretty interesting.   Tests are being performed to determine how Windfury compares to Lightning Shield in a setting where Lightning Shield is proccing from environmental damage.  No conclusions have been reached as of this time but it’s definitely something to follow.

Elemental Glyphs
Glyph of Lightning Bolt Increases the damage dealt by Lightning Bolt by 4%.  It’s fairly obvious why this is a recommended glyph as Lightning Bolt is the most used spell in an Elemental Rotation.
Glyph of Flame Shock Increases the duration of your Flame Shock ability by 6 seconds and it is not consumed by casting Lava Burst.  Again pretty much a no brainer.  This glyph makes Flame Shock last 18 seconds.  Without the glyph one would need to refresh Flame Shock every 8-10 seconds (after a Lava Burst) eating up global cool downs you could be using for Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning.
Glyph of Totem of Wrath When you cast Totem of Wrath, you gain 30% of the totem’s bonus spell power for 5 minutes.  Many shamans opt to go with Glyph of Lava over Totem of Wrath but testing shows that the Shaman would need 4000 spell power for Glyph of Lava to surpass the gains from Totem of Wrath.  The reason?  The bonus from Totem of Wrath affects all spells and not just Lava Burst.

Restoration Glyphs
Glyph of Chain Heal Chain heals will bounce to an additional target.  Personally I’m not a fan of this glyph primarily because I hate chain heal spam.  I prefer to heal using primarily Riptide and Lesser Healing Wave.  Even so, this is a solid choice for any Shaman raid healing with Chain heal.
Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave Lesser Healing wave heals for 20% more if your target is affected by Earth Shield.  This is an amazing glyph for the Shaman that prefers to heal the Main Tank.  Lesser Healing Wave is the most efficient spell to trigger Ancestral Healing (25% armor buff on the target).  It’s also good for Ancestral Awakening.
Glyph of Riptide Increases the duration of Riptide by 6 seconds, making it a 21 second heal over time.  It can be useful in many situations if you opt to play with Lesser Healing Wave.  Riptide is used to Tidal Waves decreasing the cast time of the next 2 Lesser Healing Waves.  It’s good practice to use both procs in the 6 seconds it takes to cast another Riptide.
Glyph of Earth Shield The amount healed by Earth Shield is increased by 20%.  As any type of healer, Earth Shield will always be on a tank, making this glyph a must.

Minor Glyphs
Glyph of Renewed Life Removes the reagent requirement from Reincarnation.   It’s a handy glyph to have.  You’ll never have to buy ankhs again!  I can’t begin to count the number of times I couldn’t pop in TBC because I ran out of ankhs.
Glyph of Water Shield A must have for Restoration Shamans.  This glyph increases the number of Water Shield charges from 3 to 4 resulting in more global cool downs (more time spent healing).
Glyph of Thunderstorm Removes the knockback from your Thunderstorm ability and increases the amount of mana returned by 2%.  Raiding guilds will likely require this glyph for any raiding Elemental Shaman.  Mobs flying all over the zone gets annoying really fast.

The rest are just minor conveniences and have no impact on group or raid content so I won’t cover them here.  Let us know which glyphs you prefer and why on the forums!

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