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Sometimes we all need a little extra help, even with seemingly mundane things like daily quests. Thankfully Ten Ton Hammer is right there with the solution with this all new guide to Cataclysm dailies!

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Since their introduction in Patch 2.1.0, daily quests have become an important part of everyday game play. This article will cover the current daily quests available in Cataclysm and how to complete them with ease. But before we do that lets get the general idea of what exactly a daily quest is just in case you didn’t already know.

Often referred to as “dailies”, daily quests are repeatable quests that can be picked up and complete once per day. Daily quests can be identified by their distinctive blue exclamation point which differs from the typical yellow color. Once a daily quest has been accepted it will be designated as a daily quest in the quest log by displaying (Daily) next to the quest name. Currently players can complete a total of 25 daily quests (up from 10) per day per character.

Part of the appeal of completing daily quests are the associated rewards. When completed daily quests can offer not only large sums of gold (cha-ching!) but usually also provide reputation with the various factions found in game, and may even give additional rewards such as; commendations, achievements, or profession skill-ups. Daily quests are also a sure fire way that at level 85 a single player can contribute to guild XP.

Now that we’ve got down the basics of the daily quests lets move on with this guide and find out what daily quests are available in Cataclysm starting with zone based daily quests:

Zone Based Daily Quests

Zone Daily Quests are targeted at high-level players (80 and above) and currently all coincide with gaining reputation with the main faction in that particular zone, even PvP zones like Tol Barad. Thankfully we have some excellent guides detailing each faction, which zones they are associated with, associated rewards, and of course, walkthroughs of all the available daily quests. Please note that currently not every zone contains daily quests, however, this is subject to change as Blizzard introduces new patches.

Zone Related Faction
Deepholm Therazane
Uldum The Ramkahen
Twilight Highlands Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Clan
Tol Barad Baradin's Wardens/Hellscream's Reach

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Cataclysm Cooking daily quests can be obtained from Robby Flay (Alliance) in Stormwind or Marogg (Horde) in Orgrimmar. Unlike many of the other daily quests the cooking dailies can be completed by both high and low level players. Unlike previous cooking dailies, the current cooking quests do not require players to actually cook. Instead they will be sent throughout their respective cities collecting items.


  • Level 10 
  • At least 1 point in Cooking


  • Gold Chef’s Award (Used to purchase new recipies)
  • Reputation with Stormwind or Orgrimmar 
  • 1 or 2 Cooking skill points

Related Achievements:

 Let's Do Lunch
Complete each of the 5 Stormwind or Orgrimmar cooking daily quests.

Daily Quests

A Fisherman's Feast Orphans Like Cookies Too! The King's Cider Feeling Crabby? Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes

A Fisherman’s Feast

Obtain 5 Gigantic Catfish.

Quest Notes:
There is nothing quite like stealing from the general population to feed the King, and this quest lets you do just that. These scrumptious catfish can be found in barrels at the small canal docks, next to the poor unsuspecting fisherman, all around the city. While this sounds easy, the barrels appear to take quite a long time to respawn which could be a problem if you are in a hurry or have lots of competition. Either wait for the barrels to respawn, or you could do things the old fashioned and more moral (and perhaps faster?) way and fish these up yourself from the Canals.

Orphans Like Cookies Too!

Obtain 4 sacks of Confectioners’ Sugar. 

Quest Notes:
To complete this good deed players must obtain sacks of Confectioners’ Sugar from the various general stores and inns all over the city. Of course you aren’t actually going to pay for the sugar. Instead players will be running around town to the various buildings shown in the map to the right and checking the floors for bags of sugar they can “acquire”. Collect 4 sacks of the stuff then head back to Robby Flay.

[PROTIP]Struggling to find all your sugar? 2 (limited quantity) sacks of Confectioners’ Sugar can also be purchased from Connor Rivers in the Blue Recluse.[/PROTIP]

The King’s Cider

Obtain 12 Juicy Apples.

Quest Notes:
For this quest players need to collect apples, and of course as we all know, apples come from none other than apple trees! While there are many trees scattered throughout Stormwind, only the trees with apples on them will have the quest item under them. If you are a herbalist, Juicy Apples can be tracked using the Find Herb ability. Once you have collected 12 apples return to Robby Flay.

Feeling Crabby?

Collect 10 Canal Crabs.

Quest Notes:
For this quest players will need to take to the murky waters of the Canals to seek out the elusive Canal Crab. Canal Crabs only hang out on the very bottom of the Canals and can be a little difficult to see. Press “CTRL + V” to bring up the Crabs nameplate and HP bar to make them a little easier to see. Once a crab has been located right-click it to pick it up. Once 10 crabs have been collected head on back to Robby Flay.

Penny’s Pumpkin Pancakes

Obtain 6 Stormwind Pumpkins.

Quest Notes:
I dare you to say this quest name three times fast. But seriously, to complete this quest head to the farm in Stormwind which is accessible from the Dwarven District. This quest happens to be quite near to where the fishing daily “Diggin’ For Worms” takes place. Right-click on the bright orange (and sparkly) pumpkins to collect them. Once you have collected 6 head back to Robby Flay to collect your reward.

Careful, This Fruit Bites Back Even Thieves Get Hungry Stealing From Our Own Crawfish Creole Everything is Better with Bacon

Careful, This Fruit Bites Back

Retrieve 8 pieces of Prickly Pear Fruit.

Quest Notes:
Ah the joys of finding fruit that has the potential to maim you. To collect this fruit simply wander around Orgrimmar keeping an eye out for the cactus plants. If the cactus plant has fruit it should be sparkling. If not then you are out of luck as someone has beaten you to it. These fruits seem to currently have about a 3 minute respawn timer. Be careful though! Prickly Pear Fruits really do bite back having a chance prick (via the Pricked! debuff) the player doing some minor damage.

Even Thieves Get Hungry

Recover 3 Horde Infantry Rations.

Quest Notes:
There are some dirty little thieves lose in Orgrimmar stealing the infantry’s rations and it is time to take them back!  Patrol around the city of Orgrimmar, checking piles of rations (which look like stacks of crates) for rogue-looking NPCs called Orgrimmar Thief. The thieves are low level NPCs and as such all pets should be kept on passive to avoid missing credit for the kill. Since these pesky little buggers can be hard to spot make use of this macro to make thief hunting a little easier:

/target Orgrimmar Thief
/script if UnitName("target") and not UnitIsDead("target") and not GetRaidTargetIndex("target") then SetRaidTargetIcon("target",1); end
/cleartarget [dead]

Stealing From Our Own

Retrieve 6 Barrels of Rice. 

Quest Notes:
While Garrosh may have let the Trolls in Orgrimmar it is an uneasy alliance and he is not above stealing from them.  Go to the Valley of Spirits where the Trolls reside and seek out the barrels of rice that can be found near the Troll structures there. Right-click on the barrels to collect the rice and don’t worry, you can’t get caught. For trolls who are concerned about stealing from their own kind, Blizzard has designed a special quest with the same name just for you except you will be stealing rice from the Goblins instead.

Crawfish Creole

Catch 10 Muddy Crawfish.

Quest Notes:
While it may seem like this would be a fishing quest, I assure you it is not. The Muddy Crawfish mentioned above are not fished from the waters, instead they are lootable beasts (Track Beasts Hunters!) that inhabit the bottom of the waters in Orgrimmar. These little buggers can be difficult to spot so don’t forget to turn “v” on before you go hunting them. Right-click on any and all Muddy Crawfish you find to collect them. Once you have 10 return to Marogg. Muddy Crawfish cannot be looted while the player is mounted.

Everything is Better with Bacon

Collect 6 Mature Swine Bellies.

Quest Notes:
A truer quest name there has never been and to make it better instead of just collecting you will finally be getting out there and actually killing something. Mature Swine are your target. To reach them head out Orgrimmar’s main gate and head to the right or the left. Either way you will find yourself knee deep in piggy goodness. Kill the Mature Swine and loot them to collect their stomachs. Once you have collected 6 (or after you have tired of killing pigs) head back to Marogg.

Profession Daily Quests

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Cataclysm fishing daily quests can be picked up from either Catherine Leland in Stormwind City (Alliance) or Razgar in Orgrimmar (Horde). Each of these NPCs will offer a single fishing quest per day, randomly selected from five potential quest options.


  • Level 10
  • At least 1 point in Fishing Skill
  • Fishing Rod


  • Gold
  • [Bag of Shiny Things]
  • Reputation with Stormwind or Orgrimmar
  • 1 or 2 Fishing Skill Points

Related Achievements:

Fish or Cut Bait
Complete all 5 of the Orgrimmar or Stormwind fishing daily quests.

[PROTIP]Catching a lot of junk? Getting your fishing skill to at least 75 will ensure that your fishing trip is virtually junk free.[/PROTIP]

Daily Quests

Big Gulp Diggin' For Worms Hitting a Walleye  Rock Lobster  Thunder Falls

Big Gulp

Fish up a Royal Monkfish from the moat in the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind. Once caught, filet the Monkfish to see if it has swallowed [Precious Locket].

Quest Notes:
First, as you are sure to acquire a lot of trash completing this quest, be sure to have lots of bag space available. Once you have some serious bag space, make your way to the front gates of Stormwind with your fishing rod in tow. Pick a spot with access into the water and proceed to fish into the moat. Keep casting until you catch a Royal Monkfish. Every time a Monkfish is caught be sure to open your bags and right click the fish to “filet” it. You will either receive gray trash items, or the [Precious Locket]. If you receive the quest item, return it to Catherine Leland, if not keep on catching those Monkfish. This particular quest is notorious for taking an eternity to complete, so fish, fish, and fish some more even when it seems hopeless.

Diggin’ For Worms

Find an Overgrown Earthworm near Olivia’s Pond and use it as bait to catch  a Crystal Bass.

Quest Notes:
Head to Olivia’s Pond, Overgrown Earthworms can be found inside Worm Mounds which are found all around Olvia’s Pond in Stormwind which can be accessed through the Dwarven District. The Worm Mounds are hard to spot in this grassy area, even with the tell-tale sparkle. Right-click on the mound to collect the Overgrown Earthworm then once again right-click on the earthworm to apply it as “bait”. Once this is done, begin fishing as normal in the pond until you catch a Crystal Bass. Once done return to Catherine Leland for your reward.

Hitting a Walleye

Bring 8 Hardened Walleye to Catherine Leland in Stormwind City.

Quest Notes:

Hardened Walleye can be fished from Stormwind Lake, found just north of the Cathedral District of Stormwind City. If you find yourself at a lake with islands and a waterfall, you are at the wrong lake. You can be sure you are at the correct lake when your minimap reads “Stormwind Lake”. Once you have located the lake simply cast your line and fish away until you catch all 8 of the Hardened Walleyes. When done return to Catherine Leland. The higher level fishing skill a player has, the better chance for them to reel in this particular fish.

Rock Lobster 

Collect 6 Rock Lobsters from the cages below the docks in Stormwind Harbor. Beware of sharks!

Quest Notes: 
To complete this quest head on over to Stormwind Harbor (easily found on the city map) and dive into the waters here. Propel yourself to the bottom and you should soon come across lobster traps which will display the tell-tale quest item sparkles. Right click on the traps to obtain the Lobster from inside. Traps can be tracked with the Track Beast spell. Be wary while swimming in the waters here though, as something more sinister is lurking. Level 85 Bluetip Thresher sharks have taken up residence in Stormwind Harbor and while they can easily be taken care of by higher-level players, low level players could find themselves made into fish food. Once you have collected the 6 lobsters, turn in the quest to Catherine Leland.

Thunder Falls 

Catch 4 Violet Perch from Thunder Falls.

Quest Notes: Thunder Falls is located just south of Stormwind, however the path leading to the falls can be easily overlooked. Head to Mirrior Lake, staying close to the mountains. As you move closer to the lake you should be able to see the falls. Just before you reach the falls you will see a path on your right. Head up the path and from there you can fish anywhere in the river leading up to the falls to catch the quest fish. Catch all 4 and turn in to Catherine Leland.

A Furious Catch A Golden Opportunity A Staggering Effort Clammy Hands No Dumping Allowed

A Furious Catch

Catch a Giant Furious Pike.

Quest Notes:
This quest is simple. Head outside of Orgrimmar’s western gate, where you will come across the Southfury River. Once there throw out your line and wait. Reel in fish until you catch the Pike. Return to Razgar when done. It should be noted that these fish can only be caught while in Durotar. Because of this be sure to avoid the Ashenvale or Azshara side of the Southfury River.

A Golden Opportunity

Use Razgar’s Filet Knife to cut off a Drown Thunder Lizard Tail. Once the tail is obtained use it near a Golden Stonefish to kill it. Return to Razgar with 3 of these fish.

Quest Notes:
The poor drowned Thunder Lizards can be found in Thunder Ridge located just south of Orgrimmar. Thunder Ridge is now filled to the brim with water (hence the drowned Thunder Lizards) so players will need to swim to the bottom. Once there pick out your favorite Thunder Lizard, locate the knife given to you by Razgar in your bags and cut off it’s tail. Now that you have the tial you’ve probably noticed that there are some living residence in Thunder Ridge, including the Golden Stonefish. Swim up to a Golden Stonefish, and right click on the tail. This will kill the fish and you will be able to loot it. Repeat this two more times then return to Razgar.

A Staggering Effort

Slaughter a Stag and use it’s eye as bait to catch a Sandy Carp.

Quest Notes:
A two part quest, first players must travel outside of Orgrimmar via the northern gate into Azshara. Once here seek out and kill a Weakened Mosshoff Stag. Loot the stag to obtain the eye then head back into Orgrimmar. While the quest-giver never directly mentions it, the Sandy Carp can only be caught in the Valley of Wisdom. Head there and attack the eye to your bobber, then fish until you catch a Sandy Carp.

Clammy Hands

Collect 10 Monstrous Clam Meat.

Quest Notes:
The clams in question here can be found just off the dock at Bladefist Bay, just outside of Orgrimmar. These clams are not fished, instead players need to swim to the bottom of the waters here where they will find the clams laying on the sand. Simply right-click the clam to collect the clam meat. Don’t worry about running out of breath here, when a player accepts the quest they are instantly granted a buff called Water Gliding which increases swim speed and allows for underwater breathing for 15 minutes. Collect all 10 clams then return to Razgar.

No Dumping Allowed

Catch 6 Toxic Puddlefish.

Quest Notes:
Goblins might be smart about their money, but not about the environment. Which is why you need to step in and head to the Goblin Slums found west of the Valley of Strength and South of the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. Fish in any of the disgusting waters here to catch these fish. Collect all 6 Toxic Puddlefish and return to Razgar for your reward.

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The new Cataclysm Jewelcrafting dailies are like the rest of the profession based daily quests, remarkably easy. In fact most of the quests only require minimal work and time, and only one out of the five potential quests actually sends players out to kill mobs. The NPCs who offer the Jewelcrafting dailies are:

Like all other profession dailies the NPC relative to your faction will offer one randomly selected quest per day. If you are unsure of where to find the above mentioned NPCs simply click on their names to display a handy dandy map that will show you the NPCs general location.


  • Level 80
  • Skill Level 475


  • Gold
  • Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Token (Used for buying new gem cuts)

Jewelcrafting Daily Quests

While the quest givers are different, the Jewelcrafting daily quests are the same for both Horde and Alliance:

A Present for Lila Elemental Goo Nibbler! No! Ogrezonians in the Mood The Latest Fashion!

A Present for Lila

Cut three Timeless Nightstones.

Quest Notes:
This quest is simple enough to complete. First be sure that you have learned the Timeless Nightstone cut from your trainer. Then use the auction house, a friend, or do it the harder way and go mining or do some prospecting, no matter which way you choose to do it get three uncut Nightstones. Once they are in your possession simply cut them into Timeless Nightstones to complete this quest. Please note that you must cut these Nightstones by yourself, with the quest in your quest log. Cutting them beforehand or buying them already cut will not count!

Elemental Goo

Collect 10 Elemental Goo.

Quest Notes:
Finally you will get some blood on your hands! Well, not really since this quest requires you to kill elementals, and I’m fairly certain elementals do not have blood, but the sentiment is the same I suppose. To complete this quest you will need to seek out any Cataclysm elemental and chop it, shoot it, punch it, or whatever it is you do to kill it. Portals in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar offer easy access:

  • Scalding Rock Elements - Mount Hyjal - Right outside the Nordrassil Inn.
  • Energized Geode - Deepholm - Outside the Temple of Earth.
  • Scion of Al’akir - Uldum - Located around Orsis just southwest of Ramkahen.

Currently it seems that Vashj’ir is the worst location to hunt Elemental Goo, as the only elementals are quite a distance from the portal.

Nibbler! No!

Cut 3 Solid Zephyrites.

Quest Notes:
This quest is simple enough to complete. First be sure that you have learned the Solid Zephyrite cut from your  Jewelcrafting trainer. Then use the auction house, a friend, or do it the harder way and go mining or do some prospecting, no matter which way you choose to do it get at least three uncut Zephyrites. Once the gems are in your possession simply cut them into Solid Zephyrites to complete the quest. Please note that you must cut these by yourself, with the quest in your quest log, cutting them beforehand or buying them already cut will not count!

Ogrezonians in the Mood

Cut 3 Jagged Jaspers.

Quest Notes:
Another easy gem cutting quest. First be sure that you have learned the Jagged Jasper cut from your  Jewelcrafting trainer. Then use the auction house, a friend, or do it the harder way and go mining or do some prospecting, no matter which way you choose to do it get at least three uncut Jaspers. Once the gems are in your possession simply cut them into Jagged Jaspers to complete the quest, then turn in to either Marith or Isabel. Please note that you must cut these gems by yourself, with the quest in your quest log, cutting them beforehand or buying them already cut will not count!

The Latest Fashion!

Test Stardust No. 2 on 10 “humanoid subjects”.

Quest Notes:
Why use rats to test things when you can do one better and test them on humanoids? Possibly the easiest (and most entertaining) Jewelcrafting daily of them all, players attempting to complete this quest can simply run around Orgrimmar or Stormwind use the dust (by right-clicking it) on anything that is considered a humanoid. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Yourself
  • NPCs
  • Other Players

Subject 10 people to the dust to complete the quest then turn in to either Isabel or Marith.

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