Cataclysm Horde Leveling Guide: Mount Hyjal 80-82

After The Cataclysm As a proud member of the Horde you'll head to Orgrimmar, the center of everything.

After The Cataclysm

As a proud member of the Horde you'll head to Orgrimmar, the center of everything. This is where you'll take the first steps on your path from level 80 to 85. In the valley of honor you will find the Warchief's Command Board which will send you to Cenarion Emissary Blackhoof who will teleport you to Moonglade.

Hyjal is a large zone and can be confusing, but if you follow the path and the 'arrows' leveling up will be a breeze.

In Moonglade Emissary Windsong will speak with you and give you the quest "As Hyjal Burns." The green dragon Aronus will take you to Hyjal if you ask, and will set you down at the base of Nordrassil.

Nordrassil is gigantic, stretching across the entirety of the first leveling area.

Nordrassil, The World Tree

You begin at the base of the world tree itself. It has regenerated significantly since your historic battle with Archimonde on the other side of the portal in the Caverns of Time. Ysera has work for you to do and there's no time to waste. 

All of the quests done in this area will come from the NPCs around the lodge where Ysera is. The only other location of note is the Twilight Encampment directly to the North-West. 

Your journey through Mount Hyjal begins at Ysera.

      Protect the World Tree
      The Earth Rises
      Inciting the Elements
      Flames From Above 

The Verdant Thicket

As you finish with the quests surrounding Nordrassil you'll be sent west along the path to the Verdant Thicket. Here the Guardians of Hyjal are doing battle with the forces of the Twilight's Hammer led by Baron Geddon himself. 

Elite Alert: Baron Geddon is back from his defeat in Molten Core. He's located in the large patch of fire near the center of the thicket. If you want to fight him you'll need to use the Flameseer's Staff on him. As he did in Molten Core, he will periodically release a fierce AoE fire attack. Don't be a hero, when he uses this attack run or die! You can continue to run in and out using the Staff until he is defeated.

Baron Geddon is back for a second round, but you're not going to want to fight him directly this time!

      War on the Twilight's Hammer
      The Flameseer's Staff
      The Return of Baron Geddon
      Emerald Allies
      The Captured Scout
      Twilight Captivity
      Return to Alysra
      A Prisoner of Interest
      Through the Dream
      Return to Nordrassil 

Shrine of Goldrinn

The Shrine of Goldrinn makes liberal use of phasing letting you see how your actions impact the world around you.

West of the Verdant Thicket lies the Shrine of Goldrinn. Goldrinn, also known as Lo'Gosh in the orcish tongue was an ancient Wolf Demigod. Feral Worgen have infested the shrine and must be purged. 

The Shrine itself is near the bottom of a steep ravine across from an Ogre cave. Lining the top edge of the ravine are encampments of Twilight sorcerers who guard a portal to the Firelands. You'll need to fight your way through them to access the portal and the quests within. 

Elite Alert: Within the portal to the Firelands lie several formidable enemies. Forgemaster Pyrendius is an elite with 154,000hp that can be soloed through use of some planning. He stands within a circle of runes. After you hit him with a spell or attack bring him to one of the runes so that he is standing atop it. Then click the rune to activate it. You can move him from rune to rune until you defeat him. 

      The Return of the Ancients
      Harrying the Hunters
      End of the Supply Line
      In the Rear With the Gear
      The Voice of Lo'Gosh
      Howling Mad
      Lycanthoth the Corruptor
      The Shrine Reclaimed
      Cleaning House
      From the Mouth of Madness
      The Eye of Twilight
      Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows
      Mastering Puppets
      Gar'gol's Gotta Go
      Return to Duskwhisper
      Get Me Outta Here!
      Sweeping the Shelf
      Lightning in a Bottle
      Into the Maw!
      Forged of Shadow and Flame
      Crushing the Cores
      Rage of the Wolf Ancient
      Cindermaul, the Portal Master
      Forgemaster Pyrendius
      Return from the Firelands
      Aviana's Legacy
      The Fires of Mt. Hyjal 

Shrine of Aviana

Finishing the quests at Aviana's shrine will require some careful manouevring and a flying mount.

The Shrine of Aviana is an Elven encampment carved into a large tree. It is situated to the south of the Shrine of Goldrinn and can be accessed by flight or by following the path along the top of the Goldrinn ravine to the furthest point South and East.  

If you're flying through this area beware. It is infested with harpies that will not hesitate to attack you on your flying mount. To complete the quests from this hub you will almost certainly need a flying mount due to the precarious terrain and to access the mountainside ledges where the harpies nest. 

      Wings over Mount Hyjal
      An Offering for Aviana
      The Wormwing Problem
      Scrambling for Eggs
      A Plea From Beyond
      A Bird in Hand
      A Prayer and a Wing
      Fact-Finding Mission 

Grove of Aessina

There's a flight point, an Innkeeper, and Repairs. This is a good spot to make your home.

As you leave the Shrine of Aviana, return to the Shrine of Goldrinn and follow the path through the mountains going West. As you head through the mountain pass you'll reach the Rim of the World which houses the Grove of Aessina.

The Grove is well-equipped with a blacksmith for repairs, a Flight Master, and a Moonwell (though that's not quite as useful!). 

The Druids in the Grove will send you further west into The Inferno, a forest ablaze with fire and infested with firestorm elementals. You'll need to save the forest's wildlife from these elementals and their Twilight Cult overseers. 

The Inferno is rife with hostile fire elementals and the Twilight Cult.

      Save the Wee Animals
      If You're Not Against Us …
      Seeds of Their Demise
      A New Master
      Fighting Fire With … Anything
      Disrupting the Rituals
      The Name Never Spoken
      Oh, Deer!
      Black Heart of Flame
      Last Stand at Whistling Grove
      The Bears Up There
      Smashing Through Ashes 

Sanctuary of Malorne

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem makes his return in the Sanctuary of Malorne.

South of The Inferno you'll take a path alongside Ashen Lake, a lake of drowned trees inhabited by Deep Corruptors handling eggs. Continue South to reach the Sanctuary of Malorne. 

This quest hub has the longest chain of any in Hyjal, so get comfortable. You're going to be here a while. 

As you take in the surroundings of the Sanctuary take note of the gigantic turtle across the lake, Tortolla. You'll be spending a lot of time together. 

Elite Alert: As you proceed East from the Sanctuary beware of Nemesis a vicious looking lava-turtle. It has 260,000 hit points and is extremely difficult to fight alone. 

Elite Alert: Sethria can be incredibly dangerous if not handled carefully. She is located far South of the Sanctuary, due West of the Sulfuron Spire. Make sure you use Thisalee's Signal Rocket to summon Druids of the Talon to assist you. 

      Durable Seeds
      Fresh Bait
      Hell's Shells
      Prepping the Soil
      Sethria's Brood
      A Gap in Their Armor
      The Codex of Shadows
      Egg Hunt
      Sethria's Demise
      Return to the Shrine
      Tortolla Speaks
      Breaking the Bonds
      Children of Tortolla
      An Ancient Awakens
      An Ancient Reborn
      The Hatchery Must Burn
      The Last Living Lorekeeper
      Flight in the Firelands
      Wave One
      Wave Two
      Egg Wave
      Return to Aviana
      Aessina's Miracle
      Tortolla's Revenge 

The Scorched Plain

Tread carefully through the scorched plain, it's easy to get overwhelmed by Ogre Magi if you try to run through mounted.

The Scorched Plain is a narrow corridor of desolation burned to the ground by fire elementals. It stretches East to West across the center of Hyjal and houses the ruins of an abandoned Night Elf village. The Twilight Cult rules here now and the Plain is infested with Ogres, Twilight Magi, and fire elementals. 

Elite Alert: During this set of quests the time will finally come to engage Nemesis, the gigantic turtle you were avoiding, in battle. Make sure that when Nemesis emotes "Nemesis is about to erupt!" that you use the Totem of Tortolla to shield yourself from the blast. 

      The Hammer and the Key
      Lost Wardens
      Pressing the Advantage
      Hyjal Recycling Program
      The Third Flamegate
      The Time for Mercy has Passed
      The Strength of Tortolla
       Finish Nemesis
      Tortolla's Triumph
      The Ancients are With Us
      Commander Jarod Shadowsong 

Darkwhisper Gorge

Darkwhisper Gorge is the Twilight Cult's stronghold in Hyjal.

The time has come to infiltrate the Twilight Cult yet again. To reach the Darkwhisper Gorge you'll need to follow the path of the Scorched Plain to the far East end of the zone. This mountainous region is home to the largest outdoor base of the Twilight Cult in Kalimdor. 

Elite Alert: After you complete the Twilight Training rituals you'll have to fight Garnoth, Fist of the Legion, a fierce Pit Lord. Make sure you take note of the abilities you have been given and also make liberal use of the Talisman of Flame Ascendancy
      Signed in Blood
      Your New Identity
      Trial By Fire
      In Bloom
      Waste of Flesh
      Twilight Training
      Physical Training: Forced Labor
      Walking the Dog
      Gather the Intelligence
      A Champion's Collar
      Seeds of Discord
      Agility Training: Run Like Hell!
      Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
      Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak
      The Defector
      Grudge Match
      The Greater of Two Evils
      Twilight Territory
      Speech Writing for Dummies
      Head of the Class
      Graduation Speech
      Twilight Riot 

The Throne of Flame

One lone paratrooper isn't enough to assault the Sulfuron Spire.

This is it, you're almost done Hyjal! The Throne of Flame is unmissable, it's the area with the gigantic lake of lava surrounding the monstrous Lord of the Rings-esque fortress spewing up massive gouts of flame. Can't miss it. You'll be dealing damage primarily to the Twilight encampments located around the eastern shore of the lake of fire. 

Elite Alert: There are two extremely dangerous elites you'll have to fight here. The first is Azralon the Gatekeeper. He has 357,000hp, but never fear, use the Horn of Cenarius when attacking him to summon a group of Druids and Goldrinn himself. 

Elite Alert: The final boss of Mount Hyjal is none other than Ragnaros himself. As you proceed North through the Twilight encampments you'll find a portal that will take you back to the Firelands to fight him. Speak to Cenarius to start the battle; he will tank Ragnaros while Malfurion and Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem debuff him to take massive damage. Ragnaros will summon flame waves and adds. Make sure that you keep the adds cleared or you'll have problems. 

      Slash and Burn
      Might of the Firelord
      Secrets of the Flame
      The Twilight Egg
      The Sanctum of the Prophets
      The Gatekeeper
      Brood of Evil
      The Firelord
      Death to the Broodmother
      Magma Monarch
      The Battle is Won, The War Goes On 

Head back to Orgrimmar, you've done a big chunk of Cataclysm content and are ready to head to Vash'jir or perhaps even the Twilight Highlands or Uldum!

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