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Cooking is one of several secondary professions available to players in World of Warcraft. Secondary professions are considered minor and as such do not count towards your two primary profession limit. Other secondary professions include: Archaeology, First Aid, and Fishing. Cooking allows WoW players to combine various ingredients such as meats, mushrooms, and fish into fantastic food items that can be consumed by your character to restore health and mana as well as grant powerful buffs. Many of these food items may be sold on the WoW Auction House for some extra gold.

Learning and Training Cooking in WoW

To begin your career as a WoW cook you must first start at the very beginning; training. To train Cooking in WoW you must seek out a Cooking Trainer. These specialists, who hold a vast wealth of knowledge about this skill, can be found inside every major city. If you are having trouble finding the nearest Cooking Trainer simply speak to any city guard for directions.

In order to skill up your Cooking you must constantly challenge yourself to create increasingly more difficult dishes. Each of these dishes has a chance to grant you a skill point. The color of the recipe in your cooking menu will determine if you will gain a skill point in Cooking or not. The colors you will find inside your WoW Cooking menu are as follows:

  • Gray - No skill points.
  • Green - Unlikely to receive a Cooking skill point.
  • Yellow - Likely to receive a cooking skill point.
  • Orange - Will always receive a Cooking skill point, unless the skill is maxed.

As you gain skill points you will notice that from time to time you will be unable to gain anymore. This typically means that you need to visit your Cooking Trainer to advance to the next skill level. The various skill levels are:

Rank Skill Levels
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 50-150
Expert 125-225
Artisan 200-300
Master (The Burning Crusade) 300-375
Grand Master (WotLK) 350-450
Illustrious (Cataclysm) 450-525

WoW Cooking Requirements

To start cooking you will need three very simple things: a recipe, the ingredients for that recipe, and a heat source to cook upon.


Most cooking recipes can be purchased directly from your Cooking Trainer. However, more advanced recipes may be found as world drops or even require the completion of the Cooking Daily Quests to obtain. Learn more about the Cooking Daily Quests in the section titled “WoW Cooking Daily Quests” below.


While it may have seemed like a great idea at the time, vendoring those pieces of random meat, eggs, and fish you may have picked up during your time in WoW will come back to haunt you with Cooking. All these items and more are ingredients needed to be a successful cook. Some recipes may also require ingredients that can be purchased only from a vendor such as [Mild Spices], however, these recipes are far and few between.

Heat Source

What you decide to cook your food over it entirely up to you. Many heat sources can be found inside cities and towns throughout WoW including; stoves, cauldrons, fireplaces, and braziers. Forges, however, are off limits when it comes to Cooking. If you find yourself lost in the wilderness, or just a bit to lazy to seek out the nearest heat source, simply plop down a Cooking Fire of your very own, a skill you will learn the second you first train Cooking. No matter your heat source of choice, your food will be of the same quality and provide the same benefits.

WoW Cooking Daily Quests

Daily Quests for Cooking can be found in each faction‘s major cities (Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff for the Horde and Stormwind City, Ironforge, or Darnassus for the Alliance). Each day a new random daily quest will be offered from the Cooking Trainer found in each of the above cities. You may only complete one city’s quest each day meaning after you have completed the quest in Thunder Bluff you may not complete the quests offered in the other two Horde cities.

Each time you complete one of the WoW Cooking Daily Quests you will be rewarded with one or two Chef’s Awards. These awards can be used to purchase skill level 450+ recipes from the Sous Chef in your characters home city. Be sure to complete the daily quest each day to collect the most awards in the shortest amount of time.

Another set of Cooking Daily Quests are also available in Dalaran. These daily quests work exactly like the quests above except that they award the player Dalaran Cooking Awards instead of Chef’s Awards upon their completion. Dalaran Cooking Awards can be used to purchase patterns, however, most of these recipes are obsolete and it is up to the player to decide if they are worth the time to collect.

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