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Use this handy dandy guide to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Jewelcrafting profession.

Jewelcrafting is a primary crafting profession introduced in the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion. This profession revolves around taking raw materials and transforming them into items such as trinkets, rings, necklaces that players can equip on their characters, as well as spectacular gems that can be used in socketed items. Those with the determination to level Jewelcrafting can easily turn a huge profit by creating those items that are hot sellers on the Auction House.

Jewelcrafting - Getting Started

To learn Jewelcrafting you will want to seek out your local Jewelcrafting Trainer. Trainers can be found in every major city and even some smaller ones! Can’t find your trainer? Don’t fret! If you are in a major city, such as Orgrimmar or Stormwind, simply speak with a nearby guard who will then mark the location of the trainer on your map. Once you have located the trainer speak with him or her to learn Jewelcrafting for a minimal fee. After learning this profession you will need to train again to increase your rank every 50-75 skill points Below you will find a chart breaking down the various levels of Jewelcrafting for you:

Rank Skill Levels
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 50-150
Expert 125-225
Artisan 200 - 300
Master (Burning Crusade) 300 -375
Grand Master (WotLK) 375-450
Illustrious (Cataclysm) 450-525

If you decide Jewelcrafting is not the profession for you, you may unlearn it at any time by finding it in your professions tab and clicking “Unlearn”. Be warned that if you drop Jewelcrafting all work you have put into the profession will be lost.

Jewelcrafting Tools

Every great craftsman has their tools and Jewelcrafters are no exception. Players wishing to delve into the world of Jewelcrafting will need to equip themselves with both a [Jeweler’s Kit] as well as a [Simple Grinder]. Both of these items are required for the creation of high level jewelry items. The [Simple Grinder] may be purchased from any Mining supplier, the [Jeweler’s Kit] can also be purchased from most Mining Suppliers as well as Jewelcrafting Suppliers.

Secondary Professions

Wondering what secondary profession would go well with Jewelcrafting? As mentioned above, Jewelcrafting is a production profession. What this means is that in order for the player to be able to do anything with this profession they must first obtain raw materials. These raw materials typically are produced by one of the gathering professions (Skinning, Mining, Herbalism) in game. The gathering profession that currently provides the most benefit to Jewelcrafting is Mining. Basically everything Miners dig up (raw ore, gems, etc.) is useable by the Jewelcrafter making this a top notch secondary profession to couple with your Jewelcrafting.

Jewelcrafting Perks

As you may know, every profession has a serious of perks that benefit the player that chooses to learn them. Those that choose the fine art of Jewelcrafting will find themselves privy to Jewelcrafter only trinkets as well as special gems with increased stats that can only be used by the Jewelcrafter himself. Both of these perks are sure to make any non-Jewelcrafter green with envy.

Gem Cutting

One of the major money makers in any Jewelcrafter’s arsenal is their ability to take raw gems and cut them using various designs. These gems then, depending on the gem cut used, take on various stats which benefit the player once they have been socketed into a piece of gear. While most players will find themselves wanting to jump right into the world of gem cutting they will find that their first gem cuts will not be available until around level 300 Jewelcrafting skill.

Once you finally reach the level needed to cut your first gems you may be surprised to find that most gem designs are not trained at the Jewelcrafting Trainer. Designs are typically purchased from various vendors found throughout the world. Checking out the inventory of every vendor you come across will ensure that you do not miss any of these designs.

After you have obtained a gem design you must seek out the correct color gem to use it on. To do this players must either purchase the gem through the Auction House, luck into it through mining, or use the Prospecting (Not sure how to use Prospecting? Continue on to the next section for more details. ) skill. Once you have a gem that matches the color the design calls for, simply bring up your Jewelcrafting interface, click on the design and then click “Create”. In a few seconds the process will be complete and you will have a brand new cut gem that can be either inserted into your gear or placed up for sale on the Auction House.


Prospecting is the ability of a Jewelcrafter to take raw ore gathered via Mining to extract gems. Five of the same type of ore is required each time a player wishes to make use of this skill. The ore destroyed in the Prospecting process and will vanish from your bags afterwards. The type of ore used while prospecting will determine the quality of gems produced. For example in Cataclysm Obsidium Ore, the most common and easily obtained, has a very low change to produce rare gems, while Pyrite has the highest chance being the rarest Cataclysm ore. While players may choose to purchase ore from the Auction House to use for Prospecting it is highly recommended they have their own miner on hand instead.

Making Gold with Jewelcrafting

Making cash with Jewelcrafting is an easy endevour. Simply head to the Auction House or check out Trade chat to see which gems are currently in demand. Cut several of these gems yourself and place them up for sale. Wallah! Almost instant cash. Be sure to make use of your Prospecting skill to keep up a steady supply of gems to keep up with your business. Jewelcrafters also may be able to sell their various jewelry items, however, this is a much more unpredictable and risky business and should be approached with caution.

Skilling Up Jewelcrafting

As with all production professions, Jewelcrafting, requires the player to create items to skill up. Players should try to create orange and yellow items in order to ensure a skill up for every item created. Green colored items are flaky when it comes to skill ups and grey items will give you no skill points at all.

Before you can create any items however, you must first gather the raw materials needed for it. Use the Auction House or your own personal Mining skill to obtain the materials for a particular pattern then open your Jewelcrafting tab, select the pattern you have gathered the materials for and click “Create”. A bar will appear at the bottom of your screen as the item is created and once it completes the item will appear in your bags. If you feel the need to stop an item from being created simply jump or move and the process will be cancelled.

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about Jewelcrafting you are probably eager to start leveling it up. This can be a difficult and rather tedious process that could leave you wondering what you have gotten yourself into. For the easiest and most pain free method of leveling your Jewelcrafting continue reading onward for a no-frills guide on leveling up Jewelcrafting.

Jewelcrafting 1-425 Leveling Guide


1-50 - 50-150 - 150-225 - 225-300 - 300-350 - 350-425 - 425-525

Jewelcrafting 1-50
Skill Level Item  Components (per craft) Sell or Save
1-35 Delicate Copper Wire 2 Copper Bars Save
35-50 Malachite Pendant
Tigerseye Band
1 Malachite or Tigerseye
1 Delicate Copper Wire

Jewelcrafting 50-150

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
50-80 Bronze Setting 2 Bronze Bars Save
80-100 Ring of Silver Might
Brilliant Necklace
2 Silver Bars
4 Bronze Bars, 1 Bronze Setting, 1 Moss Agate
100-120 Ring of Twilight Shadows
Heavy Stone Statue
2 Shadow Gems, 2 Bronze Bars
8 Heavy Stones
120-150 Pendant of the Agate Shield 1 Moss Agate, 1 Bronze Setting Sell

Jewelcrafting 150-225

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Expert Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
150-180 Mithril Filigree 2 Mithril Bars Save
180-220 Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing 1 Citrine, 2 Mithril Bars Sell
220-225 Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior 1 Aquamarine, 3 Mithril Filigree Sell

Jewelcrafting 225-300

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Artisan Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
225-245 Thorium Setting 1 Thorium Bar Save
245-260 Ruby Pendant of Fire 1 Star Ruby, 1 Thorium Setting Sell
260-280 Simple Opal Ring 1 Large Opal, 1 Thorium Setting Sell
280-290 Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night 1 Blue Sapphire, 1 Essence of Undeath, 1 Thorium Setting Sell
290-300 Emerald Loin Ring 2 Huge Emeralds, 1 Thorium Setting Sell

Jewelcrafting 300-350

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Master Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
300-320 Brilliant Blood Garnet
Solid Azure Moonstone
Radiant Deep Peridot
Inscripbed Flame Spessarite
Timeless Shadow Draenite
Blood Garnet
Azure Moonstone
Deep Peridot
Flame Spessarite
Shadow Draenite
320-325 Bold Blood Garnet
Delicate Blood Garnet
Jagged Deep Peridot
Reckless Flame Dpessarite
Purified Shadow Draenite
Blood Garnet
Blood Garnet
Deep Peridot
Flame Spessarite
Shadow Draenite
325-335 Regal Deep Peridot
Glinting Shadow Draenite
Shifting Shadow Draenite
Subtle Golden Draenite
Deep Peridot
Shadow Draenite
Shadow Draenite
Golden Draenite
335-350 Smooth Golden Draenite
Potent Flame Spessarite
Rigid Azure Moonstone
Sovereign Shadow Draenite
Golden Draenite
Flame Spessarite
Azure Moonstone
Shadow Draenite

Jewelcrafting 350-425

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Grand Master Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
350-395 Any level 350 plus gem recipe Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Dark Jade, Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Sun Crystal Sell
395-400 Bloodstone Band
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
Crystal Citrine Necklace
Sun Rock Ring
1 Bloodstone, 2 Cystallized Earth
1 Chalcedony, 2 Crystallized Earth
1 Huge Citrine, 2 Crystalllized Earth
1 Sun Crystal, 2 Crystallized Earth
400-420 Stoneguard band 2 Eternal Earth Sell
420-425 Dream Signet 1 Titanium Bar, 1 Forest Emerald, 1 Dream Shard Sell

Jewelcrafting 425-525

STOP! Visit your trainer to learn Illustrious Jewelcrafting!

Skill Level Item Components (per craft) Sell or Save
450-467 Green Quality Gems Hessonite, Nightstone, Canelian, Jasper, Zephyrite, Alicite Sell
467-475 Hessonite Band 1 Jeweler's Setting, 2 Hessonite Sell
475-495 Nightstone Choker 1 Jeweler's Setting, 2 Nightstone Sell
495-525 Any Meta Gems Meta Gem Sell
500-525 Fire Prism 3 Carnelian, 3 Alicite, 3 Hessonite, 3 Jasper, 3 Nightstone, 3 Zephyrite Sell

Once you have reached 525 the world of Jewelcrafting is literally your oyster. The hard work is over and it will be time to make some much deserved profit. Do you have tips and tricks relating to the Jewelcrafting profession? Be sure to share them with the community in the comments section below!

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