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The Earthen Ring is the most influential shamanistic organization currently on Azeroth. Led by the Elder Council the main goal of the Earthen Ring is to promote balance between the elemental forces that make up the world. Similar to the Cenarion Circle, the Earthen Ring is made up of only the most senior and powerful shaman, all devoted to studying and preserving the balance between the various elements.

While it’s easy to believe that the Earthen Ring has only recently come into being with the sole purpose of countering the efforts of the Twilight’s Hammer, history shows that the organization is a rather ancient one. The group was originally founded after a mass premonition that the Shaman of the world must join together and work to prevent the elements from ever growing to unbalanced, otherwise all mortal life would be in dire jeopardy.

With more recent events the organization has become more visible than ever before, and with Deathwing’s return to power and the elements thrown into chaos their role in the world is now critical. First a Horde based organization, comprised of mostly Tauren, the Earthen Ring has since welcomed all peoples with shamanistic roots.. The Earthen Ring is also credited with influencing Thrall to eventually allow the Forsaken to become a part of the Horde.

Unlocking the Earthen Ring

The Earthen Ring, like all Cataclysm factions, will not appear in your Reputations tab until you gain your first bit of reputation with them. The easiest way to achieve this is to complete quests for the faction. Thankfully this will be easy to do as the Earthen Ring can be found mainly in two zones (Vashj’ir and Deepholm) that players will be able to visit early on in the leveling process.

Players who complete both zones will easily manage to hit Honored with the faction. However, if Vashj’ir is a turn off for you, even only completing one of the above mentioned zones will still get your reputation bar quite far.

Normal quests that yield reputation for the Earthen Ring can also be found in the Twilight Highlands, but are not as plentiful as in Vashj’ir or Deepholm.

Finding Provisioner Arok

Provisioner Arok is the Quartermaster for the Earthen Ring faction and is probably one of the more difficult to find Quartermasters’ in Cataclysm. Provisioner Arok can be found in the underwater zone of Vashj’ir which is a mini-continent with three separate subzones; the Abyssal Depths, Kelp Forest, and Shimmering Expanse. Provisioner Arok can be found in Silver Tide Hollow a cave which can be find the Shimmering Expanse.

The easiest way (although quite time consuming) is to complete all the quests in the zone which will eventually lead you directly to Provisioner Arok. Also you will be able to obtain all the underwater flight paths needed to move you easily about the Vashj'ir, as well as back to the surface world. Not to mention that completing the quests here will also gain you a very cool and handy Sea Horse Mount that can be used to move you quickly from place to place within the zone.

However, if you're like me and the thought of questing seriously in Vashj’ir makes you more than a little queasy, getting to Provisioner Arok will be quite a bit more difficult and you will need to at least complete the beginning quests leading into Vashj’ir before you can gain access to the Quartermaster and gain your Sea Legs which are essential for moving about the zone.

Horde and Alliance players enter the zone through two different quest lines both of which can be pick up at their factions announcement board which can be found in Stormwind or Orgrimmar at level 80. Before starting this set of quests be sure to set your hearth back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar just in case! Players who follow either of the quest lines to the end will find themselves in the Kelpthar Forest, the smallest of Vashj’ir’s subzones. All starting quests are based in and around The Immortal Coil, one of the many sunken vessels in the zone. Once the starting quest line is completed players will not only have gained their Sea Legs,  but will also have access to the first underwater flight path in the zone located in small cave known as the Smuggler’s Scar.

From here players can make the long swim to the Quartermaster, picking up underwater flight paths along the way if they choose. However, players wishing for easier access to the Quartermaster can choose to complete enough quests in the zone until they reach his cave location in the Shimmering Expanse. Once questing has lead a player to the Quartermaster’s location, the portal leading into Vashj’ir from Orgrimmar or Stormwind will then return that player to the cave anytime they choose. The portal will continue to bring a player to this location unless they choose to complete enough quests to take them to the next cave location in the zone. The portal will then transport players to this new location instead.

A flight path connecting the zone to the surface world can be found on a small strip of land called the Sandy Beach which can be above the waters of the Shimmering Expanse.

Please see the map on the right for a look at the locations of many of the above mentioned sites.

Earning Reputation with the Earthen Ring

You’ve unlocked the Earthen Ring Reputation so now it’s time to work towards earning some of the awesome rewards these Shaman have to offer. Learn how below:

Daily Quests

Unlike many of the other factions in Cataclysm the Earthen Ring offers no daily quests for players to complete. That’s right, no dailies, zip, zero, zilch, nada, none. No matter how hard you look, or how much you wish some were available they simply aren’t there which is surprising since you know you would think there would be *something* you could help the Earthen Ring with seeing as they are holding together the very fiber of the world. Players wishing to earn reputation with this faction will simply have to resort to other options.

[protip]Because of the current lack of daily quests for this faction, completing the quests in all three zones (Vash'ir, Deepholm, and Twilight Highlands) is an excellent idea yielding you a series chunk of reputation.[/protip]

The only option then for earning reputation with the Earthen Ring is to run instances while wearing the Earthen Ring Tabard. The Tabard can be purchased from the Earthen Ring Quartermaster (Provisioner Arok) by level 85 players who have reached Friendly status with the faction.

Each completed heroic instance could potentially yield around 3000 reputation with normal mode instances producing less reputation. Reputation gains in each instance depend on the number of bosses and mobs available for killing inside.The more bosses and mobs in the instance, the more reputation you will gain.

Don’t forget that those players in guilds have the potential to gain an extra 5% reputation from each mob killed if their guild has managed to reach rank 4 in the guild advancement ladder.

Earthen Ring Reputation Rewards

While the Arcanum of the Earthen Ring, aimed at Tanks and obtained at Revered, is probably the most sought after reward this faction has to offer, the faction has many other excellent rewards for other players as well:

Item Name Type/Slot Reputation Spec
Tabard Friendly All
Plate/Legs Honored Tanking
Mail/Shoulder Honored Physical DPS
Neck/Neck Honored Healing
Cloth/Head Honored Spell DPS
Back/Back Revered Melee DPS
Plate/Chest Revered Healing
Leather/Legs Revered Spell DPS
Back/Back Revered Spell DPS
Enchant/Head Revered Tanking
Plate/Hands Exalted Healing
Finger/Finger Exalted Physical DPS
Cloth/Hands Exalted Spell DPS
Mail/Feet Exalted Spell DPS

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