WoW Patch 5.3 Battle on the High Seas Scenario Guide

Defend your factions ships on the high seas in this brand new scenario for WoW patch 5.3.
Battle on the High Seas Scenario

This scenario is one of the four that are added to the game in Patch 5.3. The Battle on the High Seas is a scenario that focuses on combat at sea (pretty obviously by the title). This scenario is pretty cool since it has pirates in it. After all what more do you need to make something cool, other than pirates say "Arrr!"

Throughout the scenario you can find several items laying around that can help you, such as barrels of fruit juice and pirate hats. The fruit juice grants you a Vitamin C buff that provides some healing. By grabbing a pirate hat you will be given the Power Word: Arrrr buff, which increases your stamina by 10% and more importantly dresses you in a pirate hat.

The scenario is made up of four stages that all take place across several ships involved in a naval battle.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario Map

As you can see from the map the ships are separated by water. So, while playing through the scenario you will need to make your way from ship to ship. There are three ways to do this, swim, swing, or be shot. As strange as it sounds swimming is the most dangerous method since there are sharks in the water that will attack you. The safer way it to load yourself into a cannon and blast yourself across the water to the other ships or to grab a swinging rope and swing to the next ship.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario travel cannon

Stage 1: Boarding Party!

In this first stage you need to protect your ship from the enemy factions boarding party.

During this stage you need to fight off the enemies that are attacking your ship. Their will be multiple waves of enemies that swing in to attack starting from the second you come up onto the deck of your craft. After you defeat enough enemies, a stage boss will board the ship, once you defeat him you will complete this stage and be allowed to move on to the second stage.

Make sure you watch for and keep out of the incoming cannon barrages as they deal significant damage in an AOE.

attle on the High Seas Scenario Stage 1

Stage 2: Explosives Acquisition

The second stage of the scenario requires you to steal explosives from the enemy demolitionists. To do this you need to launch yourself to another ship and defeat the enemies there, before being able to make you way to a third ship where you can fight three different mini-bosses that drop explosives when defeated. All three of the bosses are very similar in that they plant barrels of explosives around them and light the fuse. Make sure you get away from the barrels before they explode.

You need to find and collect all three sets of explosives from the various mini-bosses to finish this stage.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario Stage 2

Stage 3: To Smithereens!

In the third stage you need to plant the explosives that you gathered in the last phase on the enemy ship.

Since the final mini-boss from stage 2 was located in the hull of the ship, you should be there already and be able to plant the three explosives. However it is important to plan your escape before you light the fuses. Once the last fuse is lit, you have very little time to get off of the ship before it explodes, therefore you should leave only a single player in the ships hold to light the fuses and the other two should already be up on deck to make their escape. This is because of the ropes you need to use to swing away having a 2 second cast timer to activate and they are only able to be used by a single player at a time. If all three players get there with 2 or 3 seconds left, not everyone can get off the ship in time.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario Stage 3

Final Stage: Defeat the Admiral!

The fourth and final stage requires you to fight and defeat the enemy Admiral. If you are an Alliance player this means defeating the Horde's Admiral Hagman, if you are a Horde player you must defeat the Alliance's Admiral Hodgson.

No matter which Admiral you are fighting there will be a sword rack nearby holding a rapier. By picking up the rapier you will start the fight and be granted the Rapier Parry ability, which allows you to parry the next attack within 4 seconds.

It is important to use the rapier parry ability when the Admiral is about to use his vertical slash, because if that attack is parried you will gain a buff that grants you a 100% damage buff. This buff allows you to deal a significant amount of damage quickly to the boss which is important since he has a significant amount of health.

Battle on the High Seas Scenario Stage 4

Battle on the High Seas – Scenario Achievements

There are 3 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

Battle on the High Seas – Complete the Battle on the High Seas scenario.

This achievement is earned by simply finishing the scenario.

Keep those Bombs Away! – Complete the scenario without any member of your party getting hit by cannon fire.

This is a pretty hard achievement to complete, since you need to make sure that no one gets hit at any point. It can be easy enough for one player to avoid being hit for a scenario, however getting all three players to avoid getting hit is a little harder, as inevitably someone messes up.

Heroic: Battle on the High Seas – Complete the Battle on the High Seas scenario on Heroic Difficulty.

Make sure you avoid as much damage as you can since on heroic the damage coming in is much higher than on normal mode. As long as you manage the damage incoming against you and mitigate it as best you can, you should be able to complete this scenario on heroic. The hardest part for many players is simply getting a group since you can not queue for a random group, but must have a pre-created party.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achievements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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