World of Warcraft Lovely Charm Farming Guide

Load up World of Warcraft and get ready to collect all of your Lovely Charms for Love is in the Air with our fantastic guide to the best farming locations and the specific rules to collecting these charms of admiration.

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[ps item=49655]Lovely Charms[/ps] are the admiration of all World of Warcraft players when Love is in the Air hits the game during this Valentine season. TheyÂ’re dropped from any enemy (including players) that grants experience. That means if an enemy is green, yellow, or red youÂ’re good to go for gaining your Lovely Charm. YouÂ’ll need a lot of them to complete this achievement and weÂ’ve got the top 4 ways to secure you a hoard of these valuable little charms.

There are some rules. The first is that the enemies need to drop loot in order for them to count and you cannot be in a vehicle. So any encounter with tons of low health enemies that donÂ’t drop loot or places that require you to be in a vehicle wonÂ’t give you a single Lovely Charm. The rules get a bit shaky from there, but youÂ’re supposed to have a chance to create a Lovely Charm should anyone in your party or raid make a kill, but some players report that the one who gets the killing blow will receive it.

There are various reports of players who are and are not capable of farming Grisly Trophies (Darkmoon Faire) and Lovely Charms at the same time. Do not depend on the ability to farm both, but you can always try it before you start.

You will need the [ps item=49661]Lovely Charm CollectorÂ’s Kit[/ps] to begin farming Lovely Charms, which is available from the A Gift for [faction leader] quests related to this holiday.

Enemies have to be at or near your level (green and above) to grant the Lovely Charm. Certain enemies are excluded, as determined by Blizzard, if you try to farm a spot and are not getting a drop then move on to another. They are not guaranteed drops, so donÂ’t panic if you donÂ’t get one on the first or second kill.

Lovely Charms stack to 40 in your inventory and 10 are required to make a [ps item=49916]Lovely Charm Bracelet[/ps], which is currency for Love is in the Air.

Below youÂ’ll find our top four locations for Lovely Charm farming. This guide assumes you are level 85, although many of the techniques work for lower level players (dungeons, battlegrounds, etc.).


Ah, the Lich KingÂ’s territory and the absolute best in Lovely Charm farming. You will not find a better location because all of the enemies are level eighty and, in addition, take about two or three hits to kill. You can pretty much kill almost anything in the zone and itÂ’ll not only respawn fast but grant you the Lovely Charms you so desire.

Popular farming spots include the area around AldurÂ’thak and MordÂ’rether, so those are two great locations to start. Another popular farming location is The Conflagration with the Converted Heroes. This is a player favorite because there are large packs of weak level 80 enemies. Your mileage may vary, of course, and if that doesnÂ’t work for you try the Fleshworks.

Dungeons & Battlegrounds

Dungeons and Battlegrounds offer a passive way to gain Lovely Charms while doing activities that you normally do. You may or may not get a Lovely Charm depending on if you get the killing blow, but you should get plenty from each consecutive dungeon run / battleground. So give each a try, count how many youÂ’ve gathered, and see if itÂ’s a viable farming solution for you.

Mount Hyjal Starting Zone

If farming the easy mobs isnÂ’t your thing or the area is too crowded then you can try the first area of Mount Hyjal where the elementals are storming the world tree. These respawn constantly and are rather easy to kill and, as an addition, give some valuable elemental related items when they are slain.

Molten Front & Tol Barad

While not the best location to go, the Molten Front serves as a viable farming location due to the high respawn rate and the fact that youÂ’ll get a ton of charms by going through the daily quests. Tol Barad is another place to go because you can do your daily quests and get your Lovely Charms together. Both locations give you the advantage of farming Lovely Charms and getting your daily quests out of the way.

By now you should be the ultimate hunter of Lovely Charms. What do you think about this holiday? Was it better when you had to farm town guards or is taking a trip out to Icecrown better? Leave your comments below.

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