Mists of Pandaria - Stormstout Brewery Guide

Get a glimpse at the boss fights waiting for you inside the infamous Stormstout Brewery, one of the new dungeons being introduced in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

Found inside Pandaria, Stormstout Brewery has long produced both delicious and innovative beverages. Part of the legacy of the infamous Chen Stormstout and the rest of his family, Stormstout Brewery is a beloved landmark inside Pandaria. Recently, the brewery has changed management into the hands of the not quite capable Uncle Geo Stormstout. Under Geo’s watch the hated Virmen, as well brew loving Hozen have broken into Stormstout Brewery and have created quite a mess of things. To make matters worse, the brew itself has begun to spoil in rather unexpected ways.

It is up to you to head into the Stormstout Brewery and win it back for the Stormstout clan, defeating whatever foes stand in your way. So assemble a group and head inside and try not to get distracted by the beer. 

Mists of Pandaria Guide to Stormstout Brewery

Upon entering the Stormstoud Brewery players will find that, after a few steps inside the instance, a counter will appear on the bottom of the screen. This counter tallies the number of partying (what else do you expect monkeys to do after breaking into a brewery?) Hozen you and your group kill on your way to the first boss. Don’t worry about it to much though, as you will encounter more than enough of these slightly inebriated primates along the way to the first boss.


After taking out all those Hozen, it seems fitting that the final boss turns out to be a giant monkey. Upon engaging Ook-Ook the tank will want to turn him to face away from the raid, as he has a Ground Pound ability that not only causes a cone of damage in front of him, but will also stun any players in its path. During the fight Ook-Ook’s minions who are hanging out on the outskirts of the room will periodically throw barrels that roll across the room. If you are unlucky enough to get hit by one of these barrels, 50,000 physical damage will be inflicted. These barrels aren’t just a nuisance though, players can also use them against the boss. Jump on the barrels as they roll across the floor by right clicking on them (before they hit you of course). After you are perched on top of a barrel, navigate it towards the boss where it will burst inflicting 10,000 damage as well as increases damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds. Finally, at 90%, 60%, and 30% health Ook-Ook will “Go Bananas”…literally. With bananas spewing from him, Ook-Ook’s attack speed and damage are increased by 15%. This event will also spawn a mega wave of barrels that players will need to avoid. Going Bananas stacks up to three times.

To put it simply, fighting Ook-Ook is a bit like playing Donkey Kong all over again. Avoid the barrels (or use them to your advantage) and live through the monkey rage to tidily defeat this boss.


After the giant monkey comes the giant mutant rabbit complete with carrots. Hoptallus is all about staying at of bad stuff. Using Carrot Breath Hoptallus will turn in a circle spewing forth carrot juices that inflicts hefty damage on any who are two slow to avoid this danger. Hoptallus will also use Furlwind, which is a lot like Whirlwind…except…creepier. Basically, players will want to avoid the giant spinning bunny until he is all spun out or risk incurring damage as well as a nasty knock back that also slows movement speed.

On top of his spinning of doom, Hoptallus will also periodically emit a shrill cry that calls forth three types of Vermin; Hoppers, Hoplings, and Boppers. Each of these Vermin have unique abilities all aimed at taking out your group:

  • Hoplings - Tiny Vermin that hop about and bite anything in their path.
  • Hoppers - Larger than Hoplings, Hoppers carry a barrel of explosives in their mouths.
  • Boppers - The Largest of the Vermin, Boopers carry a heavy hammer they use to damage their foes.

While your group should focus on taking out all of the Vermin that invade the room, special attention should be given to the Boppers. When these Vermin are defeated their hammer will drop to the floor and then the fun begins. The hammer can be picked up by a player, who will be given three charges of the “Smash!” ability. [PROTIP]When dropped, the hammers are smaller than expected and somewhat difficult to see. Take an extra look before giving up on getting a hammer of your own as they last throughout the  fight or until you use all three charges. [/PROTIP] This ability can be used by clicking the giant purple button that appears in the lower center of the screen. When used, this ability slams the hammer into the ground, destroying all Hoplings and Hoppers and deals heavy damage to Boppers within 6 yards. To say the least picking up this hammer can significantly lower the difficult of the fight for your group.

Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

Yan-Zhu is the final boss of the instance and is what I can only describe as some strange sort of tiki demon who likes his alcohol a *tad* bit much. While you may be lamenting the shortness of the instance, worry not! Yan-Zhu can technically be counted as two boss fights as he can randomly present himself with two totally different sets of abilities. Which set your group ends up with will vary from instance run to instance run.

Taking on the first face of Yan-Zhu players will find that it is all about the suds. In this fight Yan-Zhu will periodically summon forth Walls of Suds from two sides of the room. These walls must be jumped by the player, or they will inflict a hefty amount of damage and stun the player for 5 seconds. Don’t worry about making the jump though as all players will find themselves endowed with the “Sudsy” buff which allows them to jump extra high thanks to Yan-Zhu’s bubbly nature. However, most important during this fight are the Yeasty Brew Alementals that Yan Zhu will call to his aid. All DPS should move from the boss and focus on taking these nasty buggers out as they will heal the boss in large amounts the longer they are left alive. Also it is important to note that at least one player should be close to Yan-Zhu at all times or he will begin to cast Brew Bolts which inflict 30,000 Frost damage and increases magic damage taken by the target for 6 seconds.

In the second version of Yan-Zhu players will want to keep moving. Players who stand still two long will find themselves affected by Blackout Brew. This debuff inflicts 10,000 Frost damage and stacks 3 each time it is applied. Stacks can only be removed by moving and jumping. Stand still too long and let Blackout Brew reach 10 stacks and you will be stunned for 10 agonizing seconds. From time to time Yan-Zhu will cover himself with 8 small bubbles. These bubbles reduce Yan-Zhu’s damage taken by 10%. Take out these bubbles before resuming DPS on Yan-Zhu. In another show of bubbles Yan-Zhu will fill the room with bubbles using the Carbonation ability. During this time anyone on the ground will take periodic Frost damage as well as suffer from acute asphyxiation which will stop them from performing any actions. To prevent this, players should click on one of the floating bubbles and use it to fly away from the floor. After 20 seconds the bubbles will pop and players will be returned to the floor where they can continue the fight. Also as in the first instance of Yan-Zhu, one player should always remain close to Yan-Zhu to prevent him from sending out a flurry of Brew Bolts at your group.

Defeat Yan-Zhu and Stormstout Brewery will be saved…for now. Remember, all the information above was obtained during beta testing. The dungeon found in the final release of Mists of Pandaria may or may not resemble the one detailed above. 

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